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  1. MionissNio

    YouTube Trending Section “really trending?”

    I actually don't like how YouTube is designed overall, like the mobile homepage is nothing but recommended videos which prevents me from exploring new content. The trending page is one big advertisement firm and signing out just makes my homepage trending.
  2. MionissNio

    Being transgender is no longer a mental illness according to WHO

    At birth is sort of an exaggeration because it's mostly what my relatives told me do it set at the top of my head, but there are reported cases. The issue is there are even Physical transgenders in my cultrue as outright ridiculous as it is, if a penis is bit deformed than they outright label...
  3. MionissNio

    Being transgender is no longer a mental illness according to WHO

    As @TotalInsanity4 mentioned I am mentioning bigots saying "A boy cannot be a gurl that is unpossible" without thinking outside their bubbleb people in this thread. I know there are people here who are genuinely curious and asking questions. I live in a culture where trans people are persecuted...
  4. MionissNio

    Being transgender is no longer a mental illness according to WHO

    I domdo understand why people who are not trans are fussing about this? It shouldn't concern you unless you have a friend or child who is Transgender or you are transgender yourself and denying it? Regarding gaming addiction as mental illness, go research what an addiction is before fussing...
  5. MionissNio

    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #10 - Raiding The Temp

    The comic lacks one piratw. WHARE R DE ROMZ? Or people posting ROM sites etc.
  6. MionissNio

    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    Sorry for going off topic as I am going all in on ReiNX only your Switch is banned right not your nintendo account t, especially if you unlink it.
  7. MionissNio

    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    We can still get banned for using tinfoil/DevMenu on ReiNX Right? I really don't want to get banned from online.
  8. MionissNio

    Hacking Team-Xecuter Demos SX PRO and OS working fully on v5.1.0 Switch

    Can you update the games? What I see is not, Nintendo would probably ban yiu.
  9. MionissNio

    SJWs are ruining everything we love

    And what you are saying is exactly what SJW "Terrorists" want to eliminate from society, by making those "ugly" people mainstream and removing the Image of beauty that the media has engraved in our brains throughout the years, hence you see rants on why video game women are so scantily clad in...
  10. MionissNio

    SJWs are ruining everything we love

    Although I do think changing the race of a character is something a bit too extreme, butwhat I mind more is the OP's hypocrisy here. People who say women opress men haven't really been in their shoes, Right wing men really haven't experienced true misandry they are just against women speaking...
  11. MionissNio

    Anime's you can't stand hearing about.

    Animes or any tv show or movie in general, that I used totlike, when it gets oversaturated and becomes never ending Do not remind me of Rick and Morty, even though I use to love it I was so happy it wasn't getting more than 4 seasons.... They just announced 70 more episodes.
  12. MionissNio

    A favoured style of now uncommon game, consider why it might have gone away.

    Loco roco and patapon like games, these were gems on PSP. Couldn't really find alternative to both of them really.
  13. MionissNio

    Hardware Memory Card issues!

    It is not fake, just doesn't support downloads without pausing............ I copied some games from my old sd and they seem towork fine, 1GB and above.
  14. MionissNio

    Hardware Memory Card issues!

    I do have a shitty connection no doubt but this never happened to me before, even when my conncection stopped working i would just resume here I left off and nothing happened on systemmemory ofcourse. Maybe it is the damn fakesd card? I got it from a reputable shop, I'll have to verify it.
  15. MionissNio

    Hardware Memory Card issues!

    I just got a new Kingston 64Gb memory card for my switch and it is driving me insane after all day waiting for my games to download I get error when starting them. I have reformatted the memory card but to no avail, only games below 1GB seem to work on it. Checking for corrupted data results in...
  16. MionissNio

    Hardware PSA: Do not use a third party dock with switch on 5.0.0

    Now I'm even skeptical of using USB C cables and chargers...
  17. MionissNio

    Invent your own holiday!

    International Baby day! A day educate aspirinh parents about babies, to appreciate struggle of both parents, educate about unwanted pregnancy and safe sex and abortions as well!
  18. MionissNio

    Whats the best way to learn how to code?

    I recommend buying a Book called A level Computer Science buy Sylvia Langfield and start Reading from section 2 and onwards. This book covers a lot of basic theory involved in coding it also gives you example in four language, python Psuedo code and Vbasic and Pascal. Once you have a string base...
  19. MionissNio

    I'm on the verge of dropping out of high school. Any ideas from both sides?

    Idk how A levels equivalate to high school in America but since I'm currently doing them I would like to advise you somethings. Firstly studying isn't that hard actually it only is if you think it is, unless you have any other issues as stated above like bullying or if school is taking a toll...
  20. MionissNio

    Do you believe in curses?

    I do I mean my strategy of using curse is quite special in pokemon especially ghost types. But I don't believe in cursing nowadays it just useless everybody just uses the words, fuck is no longer fuck anymore.
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