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    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    my personal goal is to be happy thats all :D
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    Hacking all hail to the noob

    srry for the post -.- i just used the bannerbomb method and everything is fine now although i don't know how to install the wad-manager in the homebrew channel
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    Hacking all hail to the noob

    a long long time a go in country far far away there was a little kid who actually didn't have a cleu about hacking. jokes on the side xD sooo for about 3 years i somehow managed to ''hack'' the wii with the twilight princes save. I don't even remember how i actually did it and which firmware i...
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    Hacking White screen "Menu?" error

    you don't have a firmware on it ^^ try this one
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    Hacking Finding the 3DS Common Key

    soooo just say someone gets the commonkey what do you do with it?
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    Hacking dsi xl

    ok srry and i did search but didn't find any thing i have got a old card : dstt for my nds lite will that one work?
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    Hacking dsi xl

    hey long time no see ^^ is there a flash card for dsi xl?
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    Gaming champions online

    is this game like world of warcraft , were must pay every month or like guild wars were you have to buy the game and don't have to pay every month
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    Hacking moonshell 2

    how do you mean "stick it"?
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    Hacking moonshell 2

    for some time i installed moonshell 2 and works perfectly ( i like it more than 1.7) but now it does'nt start well it starts booting and loading but stops and the numbers between 80 and 95 have tried it with all versions of moonshell 2.0 but moonshell 1.7 boot normally
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    ipod touch

    does some one know what the change is between ipod touch 1g and 2 g and will there be a 3g like the iphone?
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    Gaming s.t.a.l.k.e.r

    since the new game call of prhypiat is open world i wanted to asak if the 2 older games are openworld two
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    Your deepest darkest secrets

    yeah rofl buut i don't have any secrets so i just posted somthing
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    Your deepest darkest secrets

    i have stolen a game from a shop and brought it back the next day
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    Hacking Unofficial DSTT Kernel V1.17a01

    is this firmware better than the original one?
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    ROM Hack how do you translate a game

    may be another noob qeuistion but i want to make a translate for the game jet impulse since they stopped to finish the original project
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    Hacking ys menu

    can some one tell wat it is and wat it does?
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    Gaming tony hawk key change

    is it possible to change the buttons for tony hawk american wasteland on pc?
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    Hacking cios and channels

    i am going to hack my wii next weekend and i need some things to know wich channels do i need? ( i already got a wad manager ) wat is cios and wat does it do? which firmware should the have got? (mine is 3.3 now)
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    A Never-Ending Story?

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