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    Cookie Notice Stuck

    Hey, When I visit this site, the cookie notice banner across the bottom shows and greys out the rest of the screen, despite clicking accept - nothing happens, it's stuck which means I can't view anything on the site. To remove it I have to click browser inspector and put "display: none;" to get...
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    Hardware Replacement Controller PS3

    I have a PS3 that is missing the original controller, if a buy a non genuine controller - is there anything that I can't do with it that an original would do? For example if I sell it - should i buy a replacement genuine controller to go with it? or just sell it with a new non genuine...
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    Hardware PS3 12GB Slim Controller?

    I have a PS3 12gb slim, it's hardly used and been sitting untouched for about 3 years, anyway I've just tried it and the controller is completely dead, doesn't even work when plugged into the console via USB. Ideally I want to replace it with a genuine controller, I've looked on eBay and found...
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    Gaming G6 Lite Info

    Can anyone tell me what the cartridge thingy on the left side of this photo is? Do all the items in the photo come with a G6 Lite? The only bit I have is the white DS Lite slot 1 4gb card, i'm guessing it's of no use without the thing on the left?
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    Gaming Solatorobo - Rare?? really?

    I was going through my DS game collection and came across a cartridge called... Solatorobo. The number on the cartridge is: TWL-VCDV-EUR and I decided to google it as I don't recall playing it. Anyway, it seems that this is a rare game and a quick look on eBay shows people selling it for...
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    Gaming Is It Possible To Modify The NDS Boot Screen?

    Hey So I have an old NDS that had a broken hinge, I followed a guide online to remove the top screen and convert it to just a GBA game player. What I would like to do is change the boot screen, maybe the DS Logo to GBA, but most importantly remove the option that lets you choose the top or...
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