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  1. SitBar

    ROM Hack Question Patch/Inject Switch Mods into Roms

    Hey my problem is that I want to play Super mario Odyssey Mods in the EGG NS Emulator and I need to patch a XCI or NSP with that mod... how excacly do I do that? I heard about tools like hactool but if I decrypt my rom I only get a bunch of useless nca files ;( So I am not able to replace the...
  2. SitBar

    Hacking Cardridges load forever when using CFW

    So my problem is that Skyrim and Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury stay forever in the black Switch Animation screen. I tried to delete all the files from the content folder and even uninstalled the tickets and added them back. I think it is so anoying for me to always switch between...
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