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  1. woof811

    Hacking edge ds stopped production ?

    has the edge ds team stopped production as they are getting hard to find in stock from my usual places . ie. dealextreme , focal price , addictsupplies , pc jerry . woof811.
  2. woof811

    Hacking r4ds pro

    hello all i know all about the various fakes and copies of the r4ds and was wondering had anyone bought the r4ds pro that ozmodchips and dealextreme are selling ? ozmodchips - dealextreme - im...
  3. woof811

    Hardware wiikey v2 pre-soldered in the uk

    hello all im a total noob to wii modchipping and i just thought id let you know of my experience of buying a pre-soldered modchip in the uk . i bought a pre-soldered wiikey v2 for a pal d2e wii console , fitted it myself and updated it using the latest wiikey update / config disc v1.2 . all...
  4. woof811

    Hacking R4DS V1.18 has been released !

    v1.18 released today - Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem here -
  5. woof811

    Hacking dstt support

    hello all i have a dstt with kingston 2gb memory , for me it has worked brilliantly played all ive thrown at it so far with no problems at all . my question is will the dstt be well supported in the future by firmware upgrades and possibly remove the weak spring in new versions like the r4ds v2...
  6. woof811

    Hacking r4ds uk website

    for those that wish to order from a 100% reliable uk website try here - i have used this website about 5 times now they are very reliable with very quick delivery , they have r4ds in stock at the moment ! ( royal mail first class 2 - 3 days ) they have...
  7. woof811

    Hacking DSTT Card v R4ds

    has anyone seen this new product just out was wondering if its any good and has anyone got one , seems cheaper than a r4ds with MicroSD SDHC Compatible memory ! woof811.
  8. woof811

    Hacking r4ds + dealextreme ??????

    has anyone else seen this it seems they arent allowed to sell the r4ds anymore ! link - they have removed all sales of the r4ds for the near future , well not impressed ! hope they can find a way around to selling them again.
  9. woof811

    Hacking m3 ds real firmware ?

    hello all is the m3 ds real like the m3 ds simply with firmware ie. do you put it on yourself or does the real already come with firmware installed ? iff not where do you get the firmware for the m3ds real ? sorry for the noob questions , was just wondering , woof811.
  10. woof811

    Hacking m3 ds simply in the uk

    just thought id let anyone in the uk know a well recommended place to buy nintendo ds flash carts - ive used them several times now when dealextreme have been out of stock , postage is royal mail first class and there service is excellent ! can well recommend...
  11. woof811

    Hacking dealextreme and the r4ds

    just to let anyone know that dealextreme has the r4ds back in stock ! but for some reason its now 10 dollars more than it used to be anyone know why ? link - h**p:// ( not sure if a direct link is allowed ) p.s. ive bought from dealextreme in the...
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