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    RIP Ben 'Bushing' Byer

    Sad news, my heart goes out to his family and friends. Rest In Peace Bushing
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    New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Announced for UK

    I only got the email an hour ago, so there is still chance for people who haven't got an email yet!
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    Hacking New 3DS LL + Online Play?

    Really nice collection!
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    Hacking Mysterious Cart

    It's to extend the guitar grip on Guitar Hero DS to fit the original DS.
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    UK retailer GAME website hacking claim

    Good point, edited it now
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    UK retailer GAME website hacking claim

    Pretty sure they have more than 200 or so customers lol. This supposed hack is completely untrue, looks like they just stole the list from the Pastebin 'EMAILS HACKED BY SEN' which has nothing to do with
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    Hardware Sorry for this stupid question... but..

    If you want a wireless adaptor, I would seriously consider getting something like a Netgear WNCE2001. This can make any Ethernet port wireless, whereas the official Xbox one will only work on Xboxes. You never know when you might need it for something else, I've had one for years and used it...
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    Click and hold to edit title?

    Wow I can't believe it's finally gone, well done. Now all we need is one of those nice preview boxes that shows you the first few lines of the text when you hover over a topic, that would be amazing.
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    Man Dressed as Mannequin Took Pictures in Women’s Bathrooms

    Very weird, shame no pic of his mannequin outfit though. This is what he looks like without the disguise: source -
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    Gaming What happens if...

    I tried it almost straight away when me and my friend got ours. The resulting picture was sort of 3d, but then you could see two images of the 3DS I was taking pictures of, as if you were crossing your eyes. Basically it looked like it does when you lose the 3d sweet spot and the images start...
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    Hacking Limited edition pikachu ds. Is it a fake?

    Like raulpica said. It's $80 and you like it. So just buy it. Post some more pics when you get it if you want to confirm if it's geniune or not
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    Hacking Limited edition pikachu ds. Is it a fake?

    We need more hi-res photos to know for sure
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    Hacking Limited edition pikachu ds. Is it a fake?

    No, I mean the video I embedded above, but that one doesn't even have the pikachu logo now I check again. But that one does have a serial number that looks like your one. It's probably fake. $80 is super cheap for a real one and it sounds like your friend is a bit hazy on the details
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    Hacking Limited edition pikachu ds. Is it a fake?

    Actually I change my mind, I'm really not sure, it's so hard to tell from that last photo at that terrible resolution. The serial number thing and black sticker are very strange. The original one should have the serial number sticker just like the white one you showed. I was thinking maybe he...
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    Hacking Limited edition pikachu ds. Is it a fake?

    It looks authentic to me. How much is he selling it for? Does it include the box? The box is different on all the fakes.
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    Hacking Limited edition pikachu ds. Is it a fake?

    I can't tell from that picture and I don't want to get mine out of it's box to compare. But the fake ones look and feel cheap. If the LEDs shine through the plastic more than a normal DS Lite would, it's fake. There's lots of fakes out there and not many real ones. You had to go to Pokemon...
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    Gaming Used Jtag Xbox 360 for $200 dollars, Is it expensive?

    Are you using Freestyle Dash? You should be if not. You can use it to turn the fans up to keep your console cool and keep RROD at bay. Look in the settings menu. If you use Dash Launch you can boot straight into Freestyle Dash and turn the fans up to your chosen setting and keep it at that...
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    Kirby 3D?

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    Hardware :) saw 3d screen without glasses

    I've seen it, it is at Selfridges. It's not 3D
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