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  1. ItsMetaKnight

    ROM Hack Install Retail CIA files on Development Unit?

    i'm confused how to install a dumped retail game (.cia) to a development unit (panda/devkit). please, can someone help me? :) thank you~
  2. ItsMetaKnight

    Homebrew How to install A9LH?

    Hello! I have been away from the scene for a while and all the guides I found say I need to have A9LH already installed. But I don't find a guide that explains how to do that or even an explanation what A9LH even is. Can someone please direct me to the most recent guide for installing A9LH? I...
  3. ItsMetaKnight

    LZ77 compressor

    I'm coding a hacking tool for a game (in Python) and I need to compress some data with LZ77. All the algorithms I found online don't match the algorithm Nintendo is using. I'm just not getting the same byte sequence. Did anyone ever port Nintendo's algorithm directly? Thanks!
  4. ItsMetaKnight

    Gaming Pokemon B/W Australian Version?

    Does anyone here have an Australian version of Pokemon Black/White? I'd like to see how the DS card looks like. Also wonder if the ROM matches the US version. Help would be appreciated!
  5. ItsMetaKnight

    Gaming Super Mario All-Stars Video Modes

    Does the Japanese version of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii support 480p? My PAL version only supports 576i so I can't play it on my VGA box since it doesn't support interlaced modes... Help is appreciated.
  6. ItsMetaKnight

    Hacking I'm on 3.2E, can't access Wii Shop/Nintendo Channel

    I'm on 3.2E and I'm using the Homebrew Channel. I today noticed i can no longer access the wii shopping channel and the nintendo channel. but i really want them to work. what can i do? please help me
  7. ItsMetaKnight

    Free Usenet Access?

    anyone knows any alternative for hitnews which is now no longer accepting ppl outside of netherlands? thanx i want access to alt.binaries
  8. ItsMetaKnight

    Hacking Homebrew to write GBA binary to Flash2Advance cart?

    is there a tool for NDS that lets me write my F2A cart using my R4 card? thanks in advance
  9. ItsMetaKnight

    Hacking US Nintendo Channel on PAL Wii?

    Is there any way to get the US Nintendo Channel working on a PAL Wii (unmodded)? If so, how?? Thanks in advance! PS: I guess it needs to be released first, but will I be able to use it on my PAL Wii once it's out? I'm not interested in the videos and ratings etc. I just want to try all those...
  10. ItsMetaKnight

    Play Asia Coupon Code?

    Does anyone have a spare Play-Asia coupon cto share with me? Thanks!!
  11. ItsMetaKnight

    Hardware Capture AVI from Component?

    hi is there any way to capture avi files from component in full 480p or whatever is best? is there any not too pricy device (maybe a card for your computer or some usb2 stuff)? thanks
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