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  1. Kekskrümel

    Homebrew Homebrew - Control DS Games from PC possible?

    Hi, would it be possible to control Nintendo DS Games from PC with a Homebrew Application like for the 3DS? Or is there any technical restriction ? Thx & Greetings
  2. Kekskrümel

    Hacking Atmosphere switch between Sysnand and Emunand without entering RCM Mode

    Hi, is there a way to reboot from emunand into sysnand without the need of a dongle ? Thx & Greetings
  3. Kekskrümel

    Homebrew Autostart Luma 3DS Input Redirect

    Hi, is there any way to autostart Input Redirect after starting a game or the 3ds itself ? Thx & Greetings
  4. Kekskrümel

    Hacking Is it possible to run thr usb payload with switch in the dock and male to male usb connection?

    Could it be possible to run the usb payload if the Switch is still in Dock with a male to male usb cable ? Or does the dock disturb the connection ?
  5. Kekskrümel

    Homebrew Touchscreen input emulation on the 3ds ?

    Hi, I am using a controller hard mod to play my 3ds games with a controller on the 3ds. Sadly many games relay on touchscreen input. For the wii u exist a tool to control touchscreen input with a hid device. Is there any way to send...
  6. Kekskrümel

    Hacking Cooking Mama: Bon Appetit EU - 9.2.0 Update

    9.2.0 Update on the EU Version of the card. Updated to 9.2.0-4 Ordered the card here Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit von Nintendo Rom is also released.
  7. Kekskrümel

    Homebrew Touch Input with 3DS Controls ?

    Would it be possible in a CFW, homebrew to send a touch press with the normal physical controls ? Currently using a mod (from loopy, developer of the 3ds capture card) to play 3ds with a gamecube controller, would also be nice to send touch input this way.
  8. Kekskrümel

    Hacking Format System to kill update nag?

    Hi, some wii u update is downloaded to 80% and failed at this point. Now starting games also without internet connection give me some update nag, which I can cancel but it's boring ~~ If I for ate the wii u does this also delete the firmware download so the wii u doesnt know about the new...
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