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    Hacking Old 3DS at 4.2.0-9U + Gateway - How to be ready for Fates?

    Hello. I've got an old 3ds still sitting on 4.2.0 + Gateway. I haven't touched the thing since probably around the time Awakening came out. I'm looking to get everything updated and be like the cool kids when Fates drops, but it seems like the scene has changed a ton since I last booted. What...
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    Gaming Best local multiplayer games?

    Hey dudes, I finally got a couple of my buddies to get a DS for themselves... so we are ready to do some local multiplayer. I haven't quite managed to find a list of single/multi-cart games, any list I find is just about Wifi Connect. So... what do you guys play? We've a girl who isn't much...
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    Hardware Supercard SD questions

    Hey guys... I'm trying to pick up a gift for a friend, and I'm fairly clueless. He has an SP that I was going to get him a cart for... and it seems like you either pay 100+ dollars for an internal flash based card from some shady site, or you buy this...
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    Hacking Bringing .sav files from supercard

    Hey Guys, I just got my R4 from dealextreme (yea yeah ).... I was curious... all my .sav files from the supercard.... are they compatible? or am I going to have to lose all my saves in my current games D;
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    Gaming Yakuman DS - Need Japanese speakers help!

    Hey Guys... I like many other English speaking people on the board are trying to find a good mahjong game that we can at least half way understand. After playing every one of them out there... the most basic and easy to catch on to... is Yakuman DS. I've found 2 translation guides (one for...
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    ROM Hack English Mahjong Title?

    Hey Guys, I was lookin for a mahjong game (not gay tile matching shangai crap, but mahjong mahjong texas-holdem for asians mahjong) with some english in it. I have a decent enough understanding of the game itself I can play through most titles... but some have stories, some have CRAZY WEIRD...
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    ROM Hack NDS Dead Pixel Tester

    Is there any homebrew program that I could load up on a new DS to check for dead pixels? Also, would it run on a supercard lite rumble? Thanks for the nfo :>
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    Hacking NDS Slot holders

    Do Lites not come with the little placeholder card? I thought they did... I'm about to flash my light, and then I wont need the superkey sitting in there all the time (is it true that ill get better battery life after not using the superkey?).... but yeah... Where can I score one of those...
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    Hacking Are these products the same quality?

    Got the American Hori Filters from Walmart: WALMARTS And then you got the import ones from Play-Asia: PLAY ASIA I know their packing is different... but is the build quality the same? I bunked my install on the Hori's I bought from play asia... was gonna pick up round2's at walmart, but I...
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    Hacking Compress ROMs?

    I must be missing something.... I have the newest Supercard software, and the compress icon is grey'd out. I have a supercard lite rumble (thug style baby). Can you only compress GBA roms or something? (thats the only time i've ever seen it referenced. Thanks
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    Hacking What to look for in a retail unit

    Hey guys.... Ordered all my parts last week (protectors, case, supercard, microsd) and I went to walmart and picked up an NDSL this evening... oh my LORD its tiny. Anyway... what do i need to look for to see if its a keeper? I live a mile from walmart, so Ill make 30 returns if I have to. I...
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    Misc Some basic questions

    Feel free to point me to some FAQ i totally missed... I was just curious about all this online stuff. Is there a service you sign up under on a webpage or something? Or when you load each game, does it generate you an ID for your system's ID. Does all the online stuff work with carts (most...
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    Hacking So whats the "cool" stylus?

    I've already made my order from play asia... so i imagine ill regret hearing this.. but is there a cooler stylus you all have? Isn't the DS Lite one even smaller than the phat? I'm not a 12 year old, I've got some hands... do they make a stylus for the big kids? And where does one have to go...
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    Hacking Passme sharing idea

    So... I was sitting at my desk earlier today, and I was doing everything possible to avoid studying... and came up with an idea. I made a snap purchase, and finally bought a superkey/supercard rumble today (with plans to upgrade to supercard/m3s slot 1 when they get around to making it)... and...
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    Hacking Anyone in the Oklahoma City Area?

    I'm starting fresh on the whole DS Lite scene... so I was going to see if I could shave some costs and find anyone who already has a passme device in the OKC area that I could buy lunch for and they could flash me up Holler if you are in the area.
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    Hacking Selling EZFA 256 Cart

    I threw this topic up in another forum... and I guess it shoulda been here... anyway... bam. Hey guys, random question. I decided I honestly hate my PSP, and it is time to pick up one of those sweet DS lites. I am trying to dig around for change to spend on one, and I realized I have a black SP...
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    Hardware Selling EZFA 256 Cart

    Hey guys, random question. I decided I honestly hate my PSP, and it is time to pick up one of those sweet DS lites. I am trying to dig around for change to spend on one, and I realized I have a black SP and a 256 meg EZFA cart that I could sell. I stopped using the EZFA cause after about a...
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