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    Hacking Homebrew AtmoXL installer not seen/selectable in NS-USBloader via USB?

    Got the latest version of mentioned items, usb connected and running atmoxl on switch, on ns-usbloader I can only select awoo or goldleaf for installation, atmoxl isn't there? thx
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    Hacking PSTV - Adrenaline 3.1 - Missing options in PS1 games compared to Vita

    I have installed adrenaline v3.1 and latest henkaku on pstv. Issue is when i am in ps1 games when i go into official settings via adrenaline i seem to get much less options compared to a vita, i.e: for CONTROLLER SETTINGS, i only get two options which are assign left analog and analog/digital...
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    Hacking PSTV - Adrenaline 3.1 - PS1 games not working with left analog stick?

    Hiya, i'm on adrenaline 3.1 and running on pstv. When i'm running ps1 games and i go into official ps1 settings via adrenaline, at the controller settings there is only two options available; analog stick and digital/analog mode - when i analog mode with analog stick and return to game nothing...
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