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  1. Dann Woolf

    Hacking A question about DSTWO+ and the 3DS

    I just ordered a DSTWO+, and from what I understand it can play 3DS games, but only on older versions of the 3DS's firmware. I'm not actually planning on using it for 3DS games however, so if my New 3DS has the most recent firmware on it, can I still use my DSTWO+ on it without bricking it?
  2. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Extracting patterns from an Animal Crossing New Leaf save

    I wanted to start a new town in Animal Crossing, so I backed up my old save using my Powersaves. However, I am a complete idiot, and I forgot to make QR codes of my patterns and clothes before starting the new town. Is there any way I can extract those patterns and clothes from the backup save?
  3. Dann Woolf

    Gaming I'm looking for a certain game...

    This game was actually posted on the front page a few months ago if I'm not wrong. It was a PC, a fangame, a fantasy side-scrolling beat-em-up with RPG elements, based on the old Capcom Dungeons and Dragons beat-em-ups. Anyone happen to know what I'm talking about? Never mind, I found it, it...
  4. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Pokémon Spirit Gold: a small request

    I don't really like how the starters are replaced with the Hoenn starters. Would it be possible for someone (maybe even Drayano himself) to make a hack that restores the Johto starters, and edits Silver's teams accordingly? I tried doing it myself, but well... I wouldn't be asking here if I...
  5. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Question about Pokémon 4th Gen games

    Are there any hacks for the 4th gen games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver), as well as the HardGold hack, that changes Pokémon's names so they're not in all caps anymore (like Pikachu instead of PIKACHU)? This has bugged me for years.
  6. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Pokémon BlazeBlack/VoltWhite versus PureWhite/PitchBlack

    EDIT: Is it possible for a mod to remove this thread? Or just lock it.
  7. Dann Woolf

    Homebrew Problem with Rhythm Heaven.

    On the Freeze Frame level, after the last bit, the game freezes. I'm using an R4 with the latest version of Wood, is there a way to fix this? Also, I am am aware of the irony of the game freezing on a level called Freeze Frame, there is no need to point it out. EDIT: I tried using the European...
  8. Dann Woolf

    Homebrew SnemulDS and garbled text in RPGs.

    When I try playing Secret of Mana, Dragon Quest I+II and Dragon Quest III all the text is garbled. I'm using the latest versions of both SnemulDS and R4 Wood. How do I fix this? Should I use an older version of SnemulDS? If so, which one? EDIT: Also, on a semi-related note: I heard someone...
  9. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Question to all translators.

    I'm sure you've all had the problem where you're translating a game and you find a line that doesn't work so well in English as it does in Japanese, like a joke or a saying. How do you solve this problem? Do you translate the line directly anyway and risk losing its intended effect, or do you...
  10. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Question about translations and save games.

    I know there's a lot of translation projects for DS games being worked on at the moment (like the new Pokémon games). If I were to play, for example, Pokémon Black with the version 6 translation, when version 7 eventually comes out would I just be able to patch the rom again, and continue with...
  11. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack The Tower DS translation?

    I remember spending countless hours playing SimTower as a kid, so when I found out there was a DS version I was overjoyed. Unfortunately it was only released in Japan. So is there a translation patch, or is one being worked on?
  12. Dann Woolf

    ROM Hack Lode Runner DS

    I was wondering if there is a translation patch for the menus in Lode Runner DS. I know there's a website that translates them but since I'd like to play this game without having to be at my laptop to keep referring to the website, I was hoping there'd be a patch available by now (since the...
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