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  1. Thardus

    What are your thoughts on all those "low fi study beats" videos?

    I love 70s Japanese Jazz. You might like Ryo Fukui. Very talented
  2. Thardus

    Homebrew Super Mario World widescreen mod available now

    Because SMW is the BEST Mario game ever, I decided to try this out. It's amazing, but you're right. In the first castle right before you fight Iggy you have dodge mallets from the ceiling, with widescreen there is extra space for Mario to run to making the mallets a non-issue. I'm sure there are...
  3. Thardus

    Kazuhisa Hashimoto, man behind the "Konami Code", passes away

    RIP my man... I sure hope that you, your family, or your friends had the Konami Code scribed on your tombstone.
  4. Thardus

    The Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds has been delayed, will now release on cartridge

    I know your comment is meant to be funny. I get it. Many Chinese eat that way because of recent historical events. The widespread famine of the late 50s (caused by the implementation of Communism and Mao's Great Leap Forward) killed millions of people, and as a result of not wanting to starve...
  5. Thardus

    Yet another game has been delayed as Cyberpunk 2077's release moves to September

    But at least their merch is (up to) 30% off! But seriously, I’m okay with the delay. Maybe I’ll have a chance to finish some other games before then.
  6. Thardus

    Comment by 'Thardus' in 'Just arrived, guess what's inside :)'

    Oh, for some reason I thought the laptop was a 'no' since I would have expected to see some damn specs if it were true! haha. The suspense is killing me.
  7. Thardus

    Comment by 'Thardus' in 'Just arrived, guess what's inside :)'

    It's a VR headset! Not sure which one though.
  8. Thardus

    Website selling SD cards with roms

    I came across a guy selling Pi3 hardware, and cases, and SD cards with preloaded roms. I'm just curious how Sony, Nintendo, etc, aren't coming down hard on this guy. Do you think it's just a matter of time? *modsnip*
  9. Thardus

    Which was your first console ever?

    Awesome. We're a decade apart (console-wise at least). SNES + Super Mario World for me. I still have my SNES and I can still crush Super Mario.
  10. Thardus

    Homebrew Wii U kiosk demo PC Ubuntu box

    I know others have suggested it as well but I want to pile on: I would recommend purchasing or borrowing a SATA to USB adapter to backup that SATA hard drive to another computer. There are of course different software options for different computer platforms, some already mentioned. Once you've...
  11. Thardus

    Firmware Nintendo 3DS firmware update 11.10.0-43 released

    I updated from the latest and it works.
  12. Thardus

    New Abortion Law Wave

    As a father, I have deep sympathy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing that video. I'm sure you guys provided Karlee with a tremendous amount of love, and I'm sure she provided you with joy even if for a short while. Take care.
  13. Thardus

    New Abortion Law Wave

    "I want to have your abortion" - Marla Singer, Fight Club I'm concerned with how sex and abortions are so nonchalantly accepted and I'm by no means prude or "backward". I read Fight Club a long time ago. The movie will be celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year. That line above was...
  14. Thardus

    Mario Kart Tour beta

    Nice, I forgot to sign up for the beta. :( Let us know how you like it.
  15. Thardus

    Game of Thrones series finale: how satisfied are you with how things ended?

    Yeah, that's right. Recall the last feast scene: she knew that Jon was a leader that commanded love, and she realized her own leadership commanded fear. The last season was the parting of ways of the two. They were longer episodes than I'm used to. I wanted to see it wrap up too, haha. There's...
  16. Thardus

    Game of Thrones series finale: how satisfied are you with how things ended?

    All the Stark men have suffered a terrible fate. Given that it was somewhat obvious that Jon was going to suffer in some way. I was sad to see him go to the wall but really liked that he decided to go to the Real North. The scene was perfect. He was going to suffer his fate at Castle Black. He...
  17. Thardus

    Physical version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood for the Nintendo Switch may not include game cart

    There's just something about swapping out a cartridge to physically change the game that's just so satisfying. I finally got my UltraHDMI N64 console back in my hands. Last night I was switching out game carts (Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Pilotwings 64) and felt amazingly nostalgic. I love Steam...
  18. Thardus

    Comment by 'Thardus' in 'My signature'

    I came here to see the shit he owns. @Noctosphere -- Re: Haters; it's not about you, it's about them. Don't take it personal. Jeez, a lot of anger on MAR10 day of all teh days.
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