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  1. Jayammi

    Hacking patched switch where to start?

    so i have a pokemon lets go eevee edition switch, on the latest firmware and when i checked the serial number it states its definitely patched, but is not considered the new model with improved battery. any advice on where to start and the easiest method of getting CFW on my switch. thank you
  2. Jayammi

    Homebrew Question Bluetooth audio sys module?

    Is there such a module that exists?
  3. Jayammi

    Hardware Right Joy-Con Not Working

    my console randomly disconnected my controller, when trying to reconnect it the right joy con was unresponsive, the sync button works but when i finally get it on in table top mode and connect it back to the console it becomes unresponsive, i tried my pikachu right joy con and its working fine...
  4. Jayammi

    Hacking Seplugin for switch

    When i had a psp on cfw i remembered a very cool hack that allowed me to play my own music while playing games, any chance a feature like this could come to cfw on switch?
  5. Jayammi

    Gaming Devil May Cry Coming To Nintendo Switch

    Relive the adventure that introduced the legendary Dante to the world with the original Devil May Cry, coming to #NintendoSwitch this Summer. Source: @DevilMayCry On twitter
  6. Jayammi

    Gaming Xbox Live Coming To Nintendo Switch

    Microsoft plans to expand Xbox Live to other platforms, including Nintendo Switch and mobile. The company says bringing the network to more consoles will "enable game developers to connect players between iOS, Android, and Switch in addition to Xbox and any game in the Microsoft Store on Windows...
  7. Jayammi

    ROM Hack Question Save data region change

    Is it possible to change the region on your save data via hex editing or some sort of program? I want to play the world ends with you english patched but unsure if i can carry my data over when the games released locally
  8. Jayammi

    Hacking Jig not working

    i ordered a jig on ebay and was advised by the seller not to use it as it could damage my switch so i waited for a replacement and i cant get in RCM mode now...anything i can do to adjust it and make it work?
  9. Jayammi

    Hardware Nintendo Switch Handheld Only Bundle Announced

    i thought by now it would have been posted on here but since noone has covered this, i saw this several hours ago on the internet. “While the dockless bundle would also be good for handheld purists, Nintendo is marketing this as a ‘Nintendo Switch 2nd Set’ in Japan. The main goal is to get...
  10. Jayammi

    Gaming Attack on Titan 2 fw cart

    I managed to pick up AOT2 a week and a half early in the UK and can confirm im using 4.1 to play but cannot access online features without updating to 5.00
  11. Jayammi

    Gaming BOTW medley

    Just thought id share this video with you guys who love BOTW because i really liked this video and im hoping you will too.
  12. Jayammi

    Hacking Something really weird just happened

    So when i pre ordered my switch i purchased a 512gb micro sd card (knowing it was a fake) the card eventually started acting up today so i ejected it from the switch and when inserting it back in i was told to format the sd card i was then told to update my switch, im confused because i was on...
  13. Jayammi

    Hacking Unsure what fw im on

    Forgive me for the nooby question but since launch i have only updated my console once but since finding out there was slight progress with homebrew i decided not to update any further but when going to system settings it doesnt tell me which fw im on
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