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  1. dracanth

    GCN Questions about virtual save files

    Context: I have a japanese gamecube with a gcloader installed and an sd2sp2. Currently I have the gcloader set to emulate memory cards, and I noticed early on that whenever I loaded a new file to the sd2sp2 (in this case new roms for the SNES emulator I have), it caused the virtual memory card...
  2. dracanth

    Hacking Superslim Questions

    Hi folks, I've had a super slim for a while now and am interested in trying to hack it. I know I'll need to go the HEN route which is fine, but before I start messing with it a few questions: How is emulation compatibility/performance with PS1, PS2, and PSP? (These are the main systems I'd want...
  3. dracanth

    PS1/2 Homebrew app FMCB Memory card not working on SPCH-30001

    Hi folks, first post here scratching my head over this issue. I recently got a fmcb 1.966 memory card to softmod a fat 30001 model ps2 I have, but no matter what slot the card is in the system only boots into the standard browser. Plugging it into my slim it goes into the right menu just fine...
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