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  1. Sharpz

    Gaming DQ 9 Help

    For those still early into the game don't read. This is about 8 hours into the game. Help please
  2. Sharpz

    Hacking Downgrade from cIOS 13b

    I installed cIOS 13b and it won't recognize my HDD. I didn't have the problem with 13a so how could I go back?
  3. Sharpz

    Hacking cIOS Rev 13b

    I was installing cIOS Rev 13b through "Network Installation" and content #'s 15,1,17 had patches applied and added content #'s 18 and 19 were added successfully and when it says "Installing Custom IOS, please wait..." I get error (ret= -2011). What is going on? I have never had a problem with...
  4. Sharpz

    Hardware PSP as HD

    Could I use my PSP for USBLoader if I put it in USB mode or would the PSP not let me do it?
  5. Sharpz

    Gaming Flashed PSP

    I borrowed my friends psp and it's CFW is 4.01m33-2.It's outdated and I wanted to update it.The question is when I update it will the flashed theme be gone or will it stay?
  6. Sharpz

    Hacking Soma Bringer

    Well when I patched Soma Bringer there's no icon and it just says "DS program file" what can I do to make the icon and the name show up? I'm using AKAIO 1.3 Final and using DarthNemisis' Patch.
  7. Sharpz

    Hacking Puzzle Quest

    Well yeah Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords isn't working on my AK2 with AKAIO 1.3 Final. Its says "Data Corrupt.The Puzzle quest data is corrupted and will be deleted".I've tried reformatting my MicroSD and using the AK2 loader. Help please.
  8. Sharpz

    Hardware DVD Quality

    Do Memorex DVD+R work well with Wii backups? Has anyone used them and had any problems? Tell me please before I start burning. Oh yeah also I heard that DVD's other than DVD-R hurt the Wii's drive.Is there any truth to that?
  9. Sharpz

    Gaming The World Ends With You not working

    I had TWEWY before and it played perfectly fine but recently I re-added it and started a new game and it freezes after you escape the frogs on the cut scene when he passes Beat. I'm using AKAIO v1.3rc2 with a 2GB Kingston MicroSD. Help please.
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