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    OLED HWFLY fail to reboot to CFW

    Hoping someone can shed some light on a minor problem I'm facing with my HWFLY on my switch OLED - when rebooting within atmosphere around 90% of the time the HWFLY lights up Cyan on reboot and boots to OFW. I tried setting up reboot to payload in atmosphere config as well as explicitly...
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    Homebrew Question Why use Daybreak to update firmware?

    Hi, sorry if this question has been asked before, I could not find a clear answer searching. I am confused as to what the point of updating using daybreak/choidijourNX is over using Nintendo's own update feature? I understand that updating using daybreak prevents eFuses from being burned...
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    Homebrew Nintendo vs Homebrew Emulation performance

    Hey GBATemp, I tried searching for some answers on this question but could not find any direct answers: On the New 3DS systems, how does performance compare between mGBA emulator (installed as CIA) versus Nintendo's own GBA_FIRM w/ ROM injection? And simlarly, how would something like...
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    Hardware question on system firwmare with wiikey2

    Hello, I managed to get my hands on a brand new Wii console with a GC2-D2E (no epoxy) chip the other day, the console game with system firmware 3.1 and I ordered a wiikey 2 with wii clip to mod it. I was wondering if it is ok to update the wii to the latest system menu firmware? Will this affect...
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    Hacking getting EFA linker to work

    Hello, I got an EFA Linker 512mb, I cannot get it to work, windows 7 will not recognize, and if I point windows to install drivers from the EFA Driver folder it says it cannot find drivers. I tried to use drivers from 1.0, 2.8, 2.6, and the longcart, none of them work!
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    Gaming Smash Bros 3DS

    do you think nintendo will release a smash bors game for the 3DS (port / new game / basiically smash bros in any form) I think this is a perfect opportunity to release a smash bros game for a handheld, this NEEDS to happen!
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    Hardware 3DS loose hinge

    Hello, I ordered a 3DS, should be delivered soon. I read alot about people who claim they have a "loose hinge", is this a real issue or are people just being paranoid? From the looks of it pretty much every 3DS hinge wobbles to some degree.
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    Hardware EFA Linker Cable

    Is this the right cable for an EFA Linker 512mb?
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    Hacking EZ Flash IV Lite

    Does anyone know where I can buy an EZ Flash IV Lite? All the sites only seem to have the GBA size version of it...
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    Hacking If/when the 3DS gets hacked...

    When the 3DS gets hacked, will an updateable flash cart like the SuperCard DSTWO simply be able to get a firmware update to add support for 3DS games? Or will a new cart be required?
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    Hacking 3DS update help

    Can anyone please give me a step by step guide on how to update a brand new unused DStwo to work on the 3DS? I have a DSi to update it with. All the guides I found are very confusing they tell me to put some files on an SD card, which files?
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    Hacking C++?

    Does the SDK only work for C, or does it work for C++ as well?
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    Hacking Questions about flash cards on dsi

    Hello, I just got a dsi and wabted to know aboutnthese flash cards... Which one should I get? I dont care how much it costs, I just want one with great compatability and support. I saw some flash cards come with chargers.. Why do you need to charge a flash card? How long does a charge last...
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