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    Gaming F.E.A.R. 2 Demo

    I just played through the F.E.A.R. 2 Demo and I gotta say that they instantly made a buyer. I think horror in first person works the best since you can't know what is beside/behind you and sometimes, you even hesitate to turn around when you hear a noise. What I also really liked is how well the...
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    Hacking Pokemon Shiny Gold on ez-flash 3-in-1

    Hi! As the title says I am actually trying to get the Pokemon Shiny Gold hack to run on my 3-in-1. I know you guys will probably just tell me '' USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION'' but that's what I actually did and I actually found topics about this too but the thing is that I followed every steps...
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    Hacking Slot-2 Help

    Hey guys, I'd like to get some help about slot-2 flashcarts. Basically I would like an advice about wich one I should buy. What I would like to do with it is playing GBA games and using it to play homebrew such as Quake 2 DS and speeding up some like neoDS and SNEmulDS. I have a DS(DUH!) and an R4.
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    Homebrew Super Metroid settings

    Hi, I would like to know what are the best settings in SNEmulDS 0.6 to play Super Metroid at a normal speed, with no slowdowns and no graphical gliches.
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    Hacking Your favourite Moonshell booting screen!

    I want to choose a Moonshell skin since we can only have one at time and there seems to be a lot of them. Something wich is really cool with Moonshell is that it can have custom splash screens(ex:a windows vista loading bar or a light flash). I just want to ask to you guys: what skin do you...
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    Hacking Sound lag in videos

    Hello. I just want to ask if someone can help me with this. I updated my R4 to the 1.11 kernel, the new moonshell came with it too (1.71 I think) and since I have this new version, when I play videos my sound laggs. The thing is, I see no reason for it to lag since I am using the same DPG...
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