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    Microsoft removes Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games, offers early cancellation

    Considering I haven't pulled out my xbox in ages I kind of doubt it still even works, dont have the dough to shell out for a newer generation, but hey, maybe I'll pull the relic out of storage and see if theres anything I'm interested in playing
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    Psychonauts 2 confirmed to release sometime before the end of this year

    A friend of mine has been going absolutely ballistic waiting for more news. Hope they get what they were hoping for.
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    Tales of Arise will release this September, will get Series X|S and PS5 versions

    hoping I manage to actually get a next gen console by the time it comes out, failing that pc lol.
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    Rumor Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake reportedly in development by Aspyr Media

    Little worried honestly, but heres hoping they do right by it. Have a lot of fond memories from that game.
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    Translation Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 - Translation Project

    I'm new here. So I just wanted to know is the story translation aspect of this still going or has the project closed its doors? If not I maybe can help a bit. I know a little.
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