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  1. mixinluv2u

    Hacking OFW below 3.55 > REBUG 4.46.01

    Hi guys quick question. I have OFW 3.40 and would like to get to REBUG 4.46.01 (or whatever the latest is). Do I need to get to: OFW 3.40 > OFW 3.55 > REBUG 4.46.01? or can I go directly: OFW 3.40 > REBUG 4.46.01? If both ways work, are there any differences or pros/cons of each? Sorry...
  2. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Puzzle Quest 2 - Wyvern Poison

    i read on gamefaq (XBLA section) that Wyvern Poisons do base 10 damage per turn, but on my DS version it only deals 4 damage per turn. Also the FAQ says that when upgrading poisons the damage and duration will both increase, but on my DS version only the duration goes up. Is the DS version...
  3. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Tetris Party Deluxe Items

    Is there a place where I can find out what each of the item in Tetris Party Deluxe do?
  4. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Bing Bang Mini: Mission Mode

    arrrggghhh! so i am trying to finish up mission mode in Big Bang Mini and i am stuck on this one. beat Abyss Boss in 30 sec!! it just seems impossibly hard to me. i can get to the last form with about 8-9 seconds on a good day, but that's never enough. anyone got some tips or advice for me...
  5. mixinluv2u

    Hacking WBFS and Deleting Games

    I haven't kept up with the progression of WBFS for a while. In the beginning we had some issues that when we install a new game after deleting a game it messes up the file system. Is this still an issue or has this been fixed for the most part? I use USB Loader GX and WBFS Manager v3.0 (by...
  6. mixinluv2u

    Hacking Phantasy Star Zero

    does Phantasy Star Zero still need to be patched in order to connect to other people (retail carts and cyclo) online? or has this been fixed?
  7. mixinluv2u

    Hacking Might & Magic - Clash of Heroes

    Which flashcart can load Might & Magic - Clash of Heroes without patch? I know Acekard can, also Cyclo in the newest beta under Stealth Mode. How about others? EDIT: seems like TTDS and M3 Real also fixed this game. any others?
  8. mixinluv2u

    Hacking Solder Old Speakers to New Top Screen (DS Lite)

    I have a broken DS lite that I received from a friend. The hinge is cracked on the left side and the metal ring is exposed. He continued to use it when this happened and eventually the top screen stopped functioning. It only displays white. The speakers still work. I had disassembled this...
  9. mixinluv2u

    Media Playing Options

    I have several options to get downloaded video playback onto my TV in the living room now, but I am not sure which one is the best. Maybe some of you with more experience can give me some insight. 1) Original Xbox (component cable) I have a modded original xbox that I used for a long time. I...
  10. mixinluv2u

    Hacking Which WBFS GUI To Use?

    it's nice that a lot of people are showing support for the WBFS by creating their own GUI's, but it also made it confusing for me as i don't know which one is the most stable or easiest to use. so, any recommendations? i do plan on separating out a partition of my hard drive for this, so if...
  11. mixinluv2u

    Gaming FFCC: Echoes of Time

    so my charactered learned this skill called Magic Stack 3, and the description says that i should be able to stack 3 target rings. however, i can only stack 2 and the magic will release itself, am i doing something wrong? how do i stack 3?
  12. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Puzzle Quest Galatrix

    i saw some of my enemy ships using these weapons, and was wondering if anyone know where i can buy them or find the plans to build them? i am looking for Keck Shell and Bola Mines.
  13. mixinluv2u

    Hacking 1757 Solitaire Overload (U) Freeze

    Game: 1757 - Solitaire Overload (U) Firmware: v1.54 Beta 2 Issue: The game plays fine normally, but it freezes after bringing up the enhanced menu and then return to the game. The game no longer respond to the stylus on the touch screen at all. Does anyone play this game and have this issue?
  14. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Guadia Quest

    i am trying to find one of the GameGuadias but i am not sure where it is. the woman dreaming of ducks from Timbuktuu says that it is south 1 and west 1 from the Royal Tomb. but where is the Royal Tomb??
  15. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Best On-Rail Shooter?

    my gf got me 2 perfect shot light gun shells, which of these on-rail shooters is the best?
  16. mixinluv2u

    Hardware Rockband 2 Drum Set

    so i am considering getting a drum set for guitar hero world tour and/or rockband 2. it seems like most people prefer to buy the guitar hero's drum set and use that for both. but since that's not sold separately yet, i wonder if the rockband 2 drum sets are really that bad. does anyone here...
  17. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Advance Wars - Days of Ruin

    i want to start an advance wars game next, should i play dual strike before i play days of ruin? or just skip ahead to days of ruin? not sure if anything is related in these 2 games.
  18. mixinluv2u

    Hacking Bleach Versus Crusade Blank Black Screen

    i am having issues with Bleach Versus Crusade and have been getting some conflicting answers/advices. maybe someone who knows more about this can shed some light on me. my setup: 3.2U (originally on 3.3U update from WiiFit but downgraded via cIOS downgrader) d2pro modchip cIOS249 rev7 is the...
  19. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Game Recommendation for Non-Gamer Parents

    hi guys, my girlfriend's parents recently got a wii and we are trying to get a game for them for x'mas. do you guys have any recommendations? they are not really gamers at all so the essential list kind of doesn't fit. do you guys have any recommendations? they already have wii fit and my...
  20. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Co-Op Run 'n' Gun Games?

    Are there other run 'n' gun games that has co-op on the the DS? Other than Contra 4?
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