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  1. mixinluv2u

    Hacking OFW below 3.55 > REBUG 4.46.01

    Hi guys quick question. I have OFW 3.40 and would like to get to REBUG 4.46.01 (or whatever the latest is). Do I need to get to: OFW 3.40 > OFW 3.55 > REBUG 4.46.01? or can I go directly: OFW 3.40 > REBUG 4.46.01? If both ways work, are there any differences or pros/cons of each? Sorry...
  2. mixinluv2u

    ROM Hack [RELEASED] Blood of Bahamut English Patch

    this is probably way too late now, but for the translation on Kyojuu, why not just keep it as Kyojuu? Instead of having a translation that doesn't really fit perfectly one way or another?
  3. mixinluv2u

    Hacking Supercard DSTWO: GBA Emulator Details

    is the GBA emulator still being updated/worked on? How well does the fast forward feature work?
  4. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 hype thread

    never played the first one, should I play that one before this?
  5. mixinluv2u

    Homebrew Updates about nesDS...

    I actually somewhat found a solution to this. If I change the render mode to PureSoft before entering the room, it will actually load the boss battle. Although if I use rewind during the fight I get a red screen on the bottom with Guru Meditation Error quite often. I asked this before but...
  6. mixinluv2u

    Homebrew Updates about nesDS...

    I am getting a black screen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 in stage 5 right before the boss. As I enter the door the music gets stuck on one note and the screen stays black. Not sure if it's my copy of the ROM or nesDS or something else. Kind of sucks that I can't finish this game off...
  7. mixinluv2u

    Hardware PSP Go! Purchase

    where did you pick up a GO for $100 new? I've been checking around ebay and usually they are more than $100 even used... craigslist around me is above $100 for used and new =\ Gamestop has used ones for $100, but of course, new is better...
  8. mixinluv2u

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    I feel like I am running in circles here... So what's the benefit of using temporary method with 6.35/9? Instead of the permanent method with 6.20? Are there any benefits?
  9. mixinluv2u

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    sorry I am pretty noob at this. Is it because 6.35/9 allows you to play newer games? I guess I got confused because I thought PRO-B7 is a replacement firmware, so I figured once you loaded that on either with permanent or temporary, your compatibility would've been the same. But I guess not, huh?
  10. mixinluv2u

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    yea so then I am confused, what's the point of the temp method? seems like all psp can now be hacked with permanent method, which is superior.
  11. mixinluv2u

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    do all GO's come with 3.69 and higher?
  12. mixinluv2u

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    so what's the point of even doing the temp method? Is that only for people who got a PSP that came with 6.39 and cannot downgrade for the permanent version?
  13. mixinluv2u

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    for the PRO-B7 hack on a PSP Go, which one is better? Permanent or temporary? Is there any drawbacks to permanent? Can I flash back to stock firmware if I need to?
  14. mixinluv2u

    Homebrew Updates about nesDS...

    can someone that's more knowledgeable please explain what each of the modes like pure-soft are? or at least the pro/con of each? i am pretty lost when i look at the options.
  15. mixinluv2u

    Homebrew Updates about nesDS...

    Is save state working fine in the current build (v0.53b)? iIt seems to work only some of the times for me, I am playing Legend of Zelda. So far I only tried activating it with touchscreen though, so I am not sure if I am not actually hitting the virtual button.... I plan on trying to setup...
  16. mixinluv2u

    Hacking CycloDS Evolution Firmware v2.2 Released!

    does Radiant Historia (U) work now? it's not listed in the changelog, but the changelog also said "and more"...
  17. mixinluv2u

    ROM Hack Zombie Daisuki English Partial Translation

    for instances where you need to use both singular and plural terms, why not use (s)? example: zombie(s)
  18. mixinluv2u

    Gaming Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Hype Thread

    so is it recommended for people interested in this game to play 4 and 5 first? or just jump straight in and play 6 since this is supposed to be the best one?
  19. mixinluv2u

    CycloDS iEvolution released

    does Ghost Trick (U) work with this un-patched? I don't see the number in the changlog but am not sure if it's just the difference in the numbering system.
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