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    Hardware Ps vita or PSP?

    Hello @gbatemp i been thinking about buying a psp but at the same time PS vita is a thing. Is PS vita good if you only want to play PSP games? I also don't know which models to buy. Could someone in here that is experienced on this field help me decide? Thanks in advance.
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    Hacking New to Xbox 360 hacking scene. Best model?

    Hello! So i'm planning to get an Xbox 360 soon because i want to play some games that i didn't have the opportunity back then but id like to hack it if possible. Which Xbox 360 model is the best to hacking?When you hack an xbox 360 how do you run games? via Isos?
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    Homebrew EnchancedmGBA wii 240p? borders?

    Hello, so recently i got a wii (homebrew'd) and i been enjoying it a lot specially Genesis classics / Snes! Yesterday i downloaded the app Enchanced mGBA and i cannot find an option for 240p. Is 240p not available in Enchanced mGBA? What about borders? Can you add a border like gamecube player?
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    Hacking Persona 1 Music Patch and Undub?

    Hello there guys, so im gonna play for the first time a persona game, and i picked the first one on the psp. I know about the music patch and undub version but the thing is, is it possible to apply both patches? I patched the game first with the undub patch but when i tried to patch the music on...
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