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  1. Fer2317

    Hacking Easy USB Line for GBA & NDS Software

    Don't try it I'm gonna cost you headaches, just use a virtual pc install Windows XP and then use everything from there it's better
  2. Fer2317

    Hacking Easy USB Line for GBA & NDS Software

    Hi i have the same card and found the gbwriter software althought an old version of it in a youtube video dont have the link right now but there it is a mediafire link
  3. Fer2317

    Homebrew [RELEASE] PotatoHax - A free haxchi

    ok correct me if i am wrong here, so when you install this potato hack you don´t longer require internet to do the hack to go into the hbl to do the mocha firmware? thanks
  4. Fer2317

    Homebrew [DISCUSSION] New Super Ultimate Injector (NSUI)

    @Asdolo Thank You for this amazing tool may be its time that you put a way that people donate to your cause may be if you put a paypal link let the people at least repay you for this amazing work of love for the old games at least i personally would like to buy you a coffee or a bag of Yerba...
  5. Fer2317

    Hacking Super Mario Maker x amiibo: Now you can access ALL costumes without an internet connection!

    is this compatible with the mario maker wup ? thanks
  6. Fer2317

    Translation [Release] Gurren Lagann English Patch

    been a while since i posted somethign and im glad that there are still people that work on this projects, thanks it shows the work you guys put in these love the translation again thanks
  7. Fer2317

    Tutorial How to play user levels with DScent (Descent DS Port)

    wow i didn´t know of this it looks good i´m gonna try later after work thanks for the guide
  8. Fer2317

    Hacking Nintendont Wii U Forwarder

    No i installed in usb may be thats it, thanks i make sure to reply once i tested
  9. Fer2317

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    I just signed just to say thanks I never owned a playstation but I was the tipycal kid that goes to his friends house just to see him play now with work and all the responsibility I play very few times so I nitpick the games I play, now with the convenience of the gamepad I started to play ffvii...
  10. Fer2317

    Hacking Nintendont Wii U Forwarder

    hey @Panda395 thanks for this i´m really happy playing eternal darknes right know, but i have a little problem first start went great i even configured wii u wide screen in nintendont but now every time i enter nintendont forwarder the menu screen it goes garbled and i cant see what game i´m...
  11. Fer2317

    Homebrew Snes9x RX - A new fork.

    I just wana say thanks, i recently played trials of mana on this little homebrew and it was a beautiful experience from start to end, a stable frame rate in all the game even with all the magic, it doesn´t affect the gamepley at all nice work @niuus, been thinking in finishing mario rpg i...
  12. Fer2317

    Homebrew List of Nintendo Wii/Wii-U Emulators

    Nice list thanks, quick question the neo geo emulator does it work at playable speeds or meh. thanks again
  13. Fer2317

    ROM Hack [Release] Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (Artema Translations)

    Just thanks for the awesome work you guys Hotaru, Natolom ,Vagabond, Synt, Cain Morgan,Valkyrie, Madmazda86, Nagato, Pablitox, Enscripture, Serkun and NT i been following your work since the begining great Gift for christmas i am from bolivia and after all we went through in this past month this...
  14. Fer2317

    Translation Mugen No Frontier Exceed : Super Robot Taisen Og Saga - Open Translation

    Every time i check this awesome project its getting closer to completion, really excited about this thanks again for all your hard work
  15. Fer2317

    Gaming 208 games in one from Ebay

    Look it shows that you are new to the scene just try the Twilight menu++ its a game changer literally best homebrew in the comunity, like already stated technically speaking its a front end but try it, its simple to install just follow the guide you´ll be thanking us later just go here...
  16. Fer2317

    Homebrew GBARunner2

    Congrats @Gericom for your hard work this looks great
  17. Fer2317

    Not every Pokémon will be available in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    Played and buyed every pokemon since blue red, and like someone already stated the gimmick in pokemon its "catchem all" and not "catch a few that we put" so its a big letdown but on the bright side may be the fact that you dont have to focus on catching 800+ pokemons its gonna work in favor for...
  18. Fer2317

    Nintendo has no more games scheduled for release on the 3DS

    little sad about the news, truly an end of a journey
  19. Fer2317

    ROM Hack Fire Emblem 12 ~Heroes~ English Translation Project

    i found the ap patch for the game you have to apply this to a clean rom then patch the translation to the ap patched rom :)
  20. Fer2317

    ROM Hack CIA for LTTP GBA with FS stuff not needed?

    been following the thread, thank you gonna try this :)
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