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    Modding New 3DS XL with PSP-1000 Analog Stick (Also Works on Other "New" Systems!)

    Huge thanks to k7ra for making the thread that showed me this is possible! Recently made a video documenting the process of modding my New 3DS XL with a PSP-1000 analog stick, I did this because the c-stick on this console was in some way broken and wouldn't work much of the time. this mod is...
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    Tutorial Nintendo Land - Mario Chase Modding

    This is awesome, I would have never imagined anyone would try to mod this game lol
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    Wii U Controller - 10,000mAh Internal Battery Mod

    I'd honestly see if I could get my bf to do this since he has the required skills, but frankly I'd rather not run the risk of breaking my gamepad given how hard to come by and expensive they can be on their own, awesome mod though ^ ^
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    After seeing this forum several times I decided to finally join

    Hi everyone :D My name is Immy, I enjoy console modding and stuff like that, over the years I've seen this forum several times on my internet adventures and I'm glad to finally join because you all seem awesome ^ ^
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    Homebrew [WIP] re3 3ds port

    I would have never imagined the 3DS could do this, 12 year old me would be blown away lol
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    Tutorial New 3DS C-Stick replace with a PSP stick

    Just done this exact mod with fantastic results!
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