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    Hacking Converting Acekard saves to R4 Gold?

    After getting fed up of waiting for the last Acekard update, I decided to buy an R4... I am now in the process of evaluating the R4, since the Acekard update came through in the end (although history is now repeating itself with 4.4.0-10).. When I put my ROM/SAVE files onto the R4, the game...
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    Hardware My 3DS Cameras aren't in-line

    I have had my XL for a few hours and am really happy.. But I just went into the Camera app and looked through the screen at the 3D cameras and the image was horrible.. So much so that it made me dizzy. At first I thought/feared that it was the larger screen.. But after alternating my eyes (by...
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    Hacking Did the threats of using Flashcards on 3DS come true?

    I currently have a DSi XL in which I use an Acekard, and an original 3DS in which I only use genuine games.. I was originally planning on using the Acekard in the 3DS, but never got used to the small screen, so never bothered. The 3DS XL is out this week and I am tempted to upgrade my 3DS...
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    Hacking You don't know Jack not working

    I am still using WiiFree in my Wii, and to be honest hardly use it.. Every few months a new game comes along and I never have any problems. But I just got hold of "You Don't Know Jack" and can't for the life of my get it to work.. First I tried a 1.11G "WBFS" version which I converted to ISO...
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    Gaming Are there any good puzzle games I might have missed?

    I am off on holiday soon, ands its time to dig out my DS again. I just wonder if I have missed any good puzzle games.. Something like Picross (both the 2D and 3D versions) and Professor Layton (got all 3 versions) Are there any other games like this which might get me through the 11 hour...
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    Gaming Have I missed any classic games?

    I generally fall in and out of love with my DS.. I am pretty up to date with most games, but its been 3-4 months since I have downloaded anything new. I keep an eye out on sites like IGN and GameSpy for good good games, but they rarely seem to review DS titles. The last game that I got was...
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    Hacking Should I keep my R4 or DSTT?

    I have had an R4 for many months and am very happy.. its a bit dull and I wish it took 4gb cards, but it works perfectly. A number of friends wanted a similar card, so I bought them "M4 Reals" and they are horrible... REALLY horrible.. But for one of my friends I got them a DSTT and I really...
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    Hacking M3 Real won't boot anyting and keeps crashing

    I have been using GBC/GBA/DS 'adaptors' ever since they were conceived, so I am not a complete Noob. My current card is an R4 and am very happy with it.. But a number of people wanted me to sort them out with someting similar and after months of waiting for stock to arrive at DealExtreme, I...
  9. J

    Hacking Whats the best alternative to an R4?

    I have had my R4 for many months and am really happy.. The ONLY thing I would like (but don't need) is SDHC support... Recently, my friend asked me to get an R4 but they were out of stock everywhere, so in the end, I went for the cheaper "TopToy" from DealExtreme.. A few weeks later, the order...
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    Gaming SMG: What do the crowns mean on the map?

    When you look at the map in SMG, some of the galaxies are shown with a "crown".. What does this indicate? Jon
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    Misc Upgraded to a DS Lite & lost WiFi scores/ranking

    I have just upgraded my original DS to a DS-Lite and have configured my WiFi. But when I try the online games (i.e Tetris, Picross, etc) my online scores/rank have been reset. Clearly your rank is saved/based on your DS, rather than on the save slot on the game. Is there any way to migrate...
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    Hacking Can you make the R4 GUI less complicated?

    Its probably a silly question, but I will ask anyway. I know of 3 colleagues who are buying DS-Lites for their Wifes/Girlfriends purely for "Brain Training".. I also know of several other people who are interested for similar reasons. I have told every one of them to get an R4, and have shown...
  13. J

    Gaming Where is Solitaire Overload

    3 week ago, IGN published a review for "Solitaire Overload" which appeals to me: It shows a release date of Oct 26th, but I havn't seen sight of it on the release lists. Does anyone know whats happened to it? Jon
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