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  1. Horvi

    Gaming Homebrew game Can't restore save from backup

    Hey guys, I recently upgraded my HDD to SSD and I can't seem to restore a save for some reason. I'm on 6.72. I've had 10 games on the original HDD and my account was offline activated. I made the following steps before swapping the HDD: 1, back up the system using system, back up and restore (I...
  2. Horvi

    Gaming Proper way to update games (fpkg)

    Okay so I just bought my very first ps4 and I was wondering how to properly update games? Let's say the game I installed is on version 1.0 and there are several updates for that game eg. 1.2, 1.3 and so on. Can I install the latest update straight away (given it's still for fw 6.72 or under) or...
  3. Horvi

    Well, hello

    I registered here because I wanted access to the trading area. Looks like it's gonna take a while haha rip :')
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