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    Hacking Nintendont

    I just barely got into nintendont and I think that it’s awesome that you can load both HC and Wii games from USB Loader GX. The only problem is that I haven’t been able to actually play the games. My Wii either crashes and I have to press and hold my Wii’s power button, or I get a message like...
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    Hacking Launching games

    How do I not immediately launch a game in usb loader gx? Where can I turn off that setting?
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    Hacking Categories

    how to add games to categories USB loader GX
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    Hacking GameCube games usb loader Gx

    Can I use a Wiimote to play GameCube games on USB loader gx? My Wii doesn’t have the GC ports.
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    Hacking Corrupted games.

    I’ve been trying to download DK country returns and Mario Kart Wii to my computer for a while now but the files are corrupted. Where should I go? What’s the best place to get these games?
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    Hacking Wbfs file currupt

    How do I tell if a WBFS file is corrupt? Also how do I open WBFS files on a computer? Is there an app that I could download?
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    Hacking Trying to get wii games on usb loader GX

    Hi everyone! I had my friend try to set up a USB device that would play some wii games. I already had the Homebrew channel and USB loader GX installed so we just needed games on a hard drive to “plug and play” The problem is that we got the flashdrive last night and it’s not working. I think...
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