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    ROM Hack Pokemon Heart Gold 3D Camera

    Would someone be able to make AceKard RPG Cheat that makes Pokemon Heart Gold (USA), have the camera like it was a fully 3D game ? It was possible in the Japanese version cause i had it. Example -> These were the possible modes to have in the...
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    GenPlus Wii loading roms from DVD ISO9660

    Guys i just saw this on YouTube, check it out. ( Waninkoko seem to have gotten DVD ISO9660 to work with GenPlus Wii =D =D =D =D WHEN WILL IT COME ? WANINKOKO YOU ARE OUR GOD!!!
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    Gaming Medal of Honor Heroes 2

    Is there any diference on the PAL or USA Online ? I have the USA version of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and i cant see the servers my friend sees (PAL version) .. :S
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    Gaming Wii Online Games

    Me and a couple of friends wanted to know every singles Wii game that is playable online, not like online boards, but really playability I already found on wiki some games, but the list is SOO! incomplete.. :S Could someone help us find all the games that are Online but actually playable on...
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    GCN Hori Digital Controller

    I am in need to buy atleast 2 Hori Digital Controller for my Gamecube, does anyone know where they are sold in Europe, websites i mean.. Cause i cant buy stuff from other places than Europe as i have to pay to much Tax :X
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    Hardware WiiKey Configuration

    I received my Wii today with the WiiKey, it runned every gamecube game i putted on it. When i choose to put the WiiKey Configuration to enable Region Free on Wii games it said it saved... but then again when i reseted the wii and choosed to go to WiiKey configuration again it didnt have the...
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    ROM Hack Nintendo DS Dvd Cover

    Some time ago there was a topic, with some Dvd covers for the Nintendo DS. I usually burn my backups from every 200 to another 200, the catch ? well, last time i burned was the 201-400 but i deleted the cover from my pc. The one i am really interested was one in blue, very simple btw, but...
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    Hacking Please Help Me

    My situation is a litte difficult to explain, whenever i insert a DS Card, i hear the click but althrough i let it be that way, the Card just jumps off the DS, i think there a little thingy in there that makes it jump... This was the resulf of using a PassMe, and pushing it, instead of using...
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    Hacking Ez-Flash 2

    I have a friend who has a Ez-Flash 2, but he cant play many games, like Pokemon and that stuff... Are there going to be more updates ?
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    ROM Hack Best way to read Manga on DS !

    Best way to read Manga on DS SoftWare Needed:. XAT IMAGE OPTIMIZER PRO 3.51 - and MOONSHELL 1.31 – Tutorial:. 1 - First you will have to convert on the computer all the...
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    PS1/2 Max Drive Pro

    I want to buy a Max Drive Pro for GameCube, but i dont know a shop in Europe, that has it... Does anyone know where i can order it, but only if its in Europe... Thanks
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    ROM Hack Animal Crossing Translation

    I would like to translate Animal Crossing Wild World to my own language, what do i need ? I have:. 1- NintendoDS 1- SuperCard SD 1- FlashMe 1- 512 Mb SD Card Some programing skills but mainly Php and Html, and that is not needed in here :'( Can anyone help me ? I can sorta only need some...
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