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  1. Rammoth

    Hacking Some questions about USB loader, cIOS and Rock Band etc.

    EDIT: Sorry for spamming but I really need an answer before I'm gonna mess with my Wii again: 1. Is it possible that everything works correctly and USB loader just says the same thing for 3 USB sticks and one HDD (taking 30 seconds, saying my USB device runs slow and in the end saying no USB...
  2. Rammoth

    Hacking Guitar Hero World Tour DLC Finally hacked!?

    Edit: IT'S OFFICIAL! Edit2: There is a high chance this won't work on your PAL copy of the game. Getting an NTSC copy should solve this problem! This goes for the other way around too. If your NTSC GHWT doesn't work with the DLC, try using a PAL version! As you can see here...
  3. Rammoth

    Hacking Please help me

    I finally took the step into hacking, but after reading numerous tutorials on how to do it, to make sure I do it right, I'm completely lost due to excessive information or something. What I have: - EU-wii with Wiikey - Firmware 3.1 (never been upgraded) - Homebrew channel with the use of...
  4. Rammoth

    Hacking Step by step help?

    First of all, thanks for even coming into this topic, since the topic title has written n00b all over the place. Here's the thing. I'm very up to date concerning modchips etc but the whole wii hacking has left me clueless. I do read the topics every now and then and get bits and pieces of...
  5. Rammoth

    Me playing Midna's Desperation

    I saw someone post his drum video, so I might as well post some music It's a crappy quality recording of me playing Midna's Desperation, also known as Midna's Desperate Hour I think (from Zelda: TP of course), the link will be online for 5 more days, so if you feel like giving it a go...
  6. Rammoth

    Gaming Smash Brothers Dairantou X Help/Instruction Thread

    This thread will keep being updated. I will try to keep track on every post in Smash Bros related topics and point out the most important questions, tips and all that. Also, this thread explains (mostly) on how to work with the DVD5 (TMD) release. The DVD9 (Caravan release) version has been...
  7. Rammoth

    Gaming Help me out with Captain Falcon

    Okay people, here is the thing, sorry to bother you with it, but I just need to make it clear. A friend of mine is 100% convinced that Captain Falcon says "Show your moves" in Smash Bros, I say it's "Show ME your moves". Actually, I'd say there is no doubt about it, but he teamed up with his...
  8. Rammoth

    Gaming Wii Save Games

    I couldn't find a topic for this and since this board's got a high Wii community I thought it might be a good move to share our game saves with eachother here. Since most of us are pirates, we might have way too many games for our own good and don't have the time to get all the unlockables even...
  9. Rammoth

    Wayy too late, but still

    Hey all, I've been member for a few years now. I only found out recently when I was trying to join this board for it's Wii community and noticed my nicknames was taken. Tried all my passwords and got in eventually lol Since I've recently been becoming a somewhat more active member, I thought I...
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