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    Hacking Switching Supercard wifi to G6 Lite HELP!

    OK, right now I have a Supercard SD, I'm planning on getting a G6 please tell me this: If I were to buy G6 Lite and convert my Supercard games to where the'y play on G6 Lite, would I lose my Wi-Fi stats and have to start over?
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    Hacking Anyone got pics of COLOURED G6 Lite?!

    I might buy a G6 Lite...I have a navy DS. I wanted to see if anyone has a colored G6 Lite, if so please upload them.
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    ROM Hack How can I play Earthbound(SNES) on my Supercard?

    I heard about a SNES emu for the DS...and I'm a big fan of Earthbound( I haven't play since i was how 5 years have passed by without playing it!), help?
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    Hacking G6 Conversion HELP!!!

    I want to buy a G6 Lite...but I don't want to lose all my save sata(especially Wi-Fi)...I have my files converted so they'll play on Supercard. I don't want to buy one if I'll lose all my data on my Supercard... is there a way?
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    Hacking Where to buy G6 Lite?

    Where do i need to go to purchase a a Navy G6 lite?
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    Hacking G6 Lite colors!!!!!!

    I got a navy DS Lite... the only g6 lites I've seen are white. White and navy don't mix...will I have to miss out on the g6 lite?
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    Gaming Wii Question...

    When the Wii is released will the nunchucks be different colors nstead of white? (Black Wiimote and White nunchuck doesn't go together) Does anyone know?
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    Hardware How much would you pay for my...

    Supercard Mini DS and Mini SD card (512mb)? My cousin would pay me $60...ripoff if I've heard one...
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    Hacking If I were to buy a G6 question...

    If I were to buy a G6 Lite...could I use my Max Media Launcher instead of buying a Passme?
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    Gaming Will Nintendo realease all 5 colors for Wii at lau

    Will Nintendo realease all 5 colors for Wii at launch? I wanted a black Wii (I've got a black GC and a navy DSL)...Anyone know?
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    Hacking What exactly IS flashing?

    Please tell me and don't get mad at me for my ignorace( I'm 13 yrs old)
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    Could anyone tell me how to upload pics onto posts

    Do I have to use Photobucket?
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