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  1. oleole

    Hacking mputility and vista

    Hello, I need to format my g6 lite using mputility but that's stupid program won't run under vista saying it needs windows 2000. I've tried to launch it with the compatibility tab but no luck. Anyone know if there is a newer version out or has an idea to run the application under Vista ? I've...
  2. oleole

    Hacking Nintendogs Dachshund + Chihuahua freeze

    Hello all, I've recently reformatted my g6 lite, and I've installed the latest loader and disk manager (4.8). I don't know if it's related or not but rom 123 and 124 won't work: 0123 Nintendogs - Dachshund & Friends 0124 Nintendogs - Chihuahua & Friends By "won't work" I mean, you run the...
  3. oleole

    Hardware Problem with pad on a NGC.

    Hello, I have a Nintendo Gamecube and I don't know why suddenly the pad (?) began to behave strangely ie the C joystick is like blocked to the right when I start any game. I know you can reset the pad by holding down the X, Y,and start buttons for three seconds. But why the heck does the pad...
  4. oleole

    Gaming Paint/draw applications

    Hello, Are there games/homebrew that allow you to draw stuff, etc. "à la" Paint Brush or similar applications ? I've searched the forum, apparently there is a japanese game to create your paintings but that's it. Also a planned Bob Ross game for DS. Thanks! oleole
  5. oleole

    Gaming What's Mario saying at the end of each stage ?

    Hello, In new super mario brothers, anyone understand what's Mario saying at the end of each stage ? Something like "XXXX on ice" ? I've tried several times but I can't figure what has to be on ice ? Thanks! oleole
  6. oleole

    Gaming Must have JAP games...

    Hello, Are there any JAP games that aren't available is english or EU(multi) (either because a english release version isnt planned or because it's somewhere near 2050) that you REALLY should have ? Of course the games have to be playable by ppl you cannot read japanese. The only one I...
  7. oleole

    Hacking Loader V4.1B

    Hello all, I've installed the Loader V4.1B and it's significantly slower than the one that was installed on the card. It displays "please waiting" for a few seconds then displays the time and only after that you can select a rom. Anyone else noticed that ? I havent backed up my save games and...
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