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  1. leetdood

    PS1/2 Disgaea 2

    I bought Disgaea 2 a bit ago, I'm having a ton of fun with it, was wondering if anybody else downloaded it or bought it. It has so much depth, I just gotta love it. Edit: Uh.. I just realized I created this in the wrong board. Could a mod move it or something? ^^; Edit 2: Thanks to the mod...
  2. leetdood

    ROM Hack Not sure how to do this...

    How would I go around editing stuff in NDS roms? Let's say I wanted to hack 0493 - Project Hacker: Kakusei to english. How would I start doing this? I know there are a couple of topics about this and I HAVE tried to read them. It pretty much kinda goes over my head. x_x Thanks in advance for...
  3. leetdood

    New Sig

    I made a new sig for this forum, and I thought I'd get your opinions on it. I don't think it's that great, needs some work on the glow, but otherwise it's nice, and something I like.
  4. leetdood

    New Poster

    Since I'm going to try to post on the forums from now on, I figured I'd introduce myself. My name's leetdood, and I hope I can contribute to the forums as much as possible. I suppose that's all, nice to meet ya.
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