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    For anyone gets "the software was closed because an error occurred" when portal 2 is loading, you need to turn on airplane mode

    As title suggests. Apparently portal 2 is another game that will error out when nintendo servers are blocked by dns mitm. Btw very decent port. Finally I can play portal on my switch, been pulling my hair out trying to get portal working on switchroot android until I realized it's not supported...
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    Hardware My First OLED HWFLY Installation, and a Few Thoughts

    Greetings! Just received my mod chip today and immediately installed it on my OLED switch, and it booted up instantly. Long story short I ordered the OLED special chip (without USB header, locked) by mistake, and was a bit worried about it being unstable. Turns out it's way better than I...
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    Hacking Backing Up FPKG Games

    I'm trying to free up storage space on my jailbroke ps4 by deleting some fpkg games, but I want to make a copy before deleting them. Can I just copy their app.pkg in /user/app directory to usb drive?
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    Hacking Anyone has wave0.fbxd and wave1.fbxd from pre-3.70 firmware?

    So I came across 0x199's twitter today and it gave me the idea of bringing old pre-3.70 wave back. IMO old wave looks better because it's more vibrant. Here's what it looks like on pre-3.70 firmware: I tried to extract these files from...
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    Hardware How to Make Your Own ESP8266 Host

    There are many different esp8266 bins around but people always have different needs, some people want one with linux loader, others want one with GTA mod menu, some want one for 6.72, others want one for 7.55, and it's impossible to please everyone. So I decided to make an arduino sketch so you...
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    Hacking Change RTC Battery and Prevent CE-3039-6 Error

    When the cr2032 battery in ps4 runs flat it will no longer keep the kernel clock running and the clock will be set to year 1970, causing 30391 error when you try to launch anything (including retail discs). This isn't an issue for people on latest firmware as the kernel clock will be synced with...
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    Hacking [Discussion] PS4 7.02 Exploit Success Rate and Discussion

    Hello everyone. I've been testing 7.02 exploit on my PS4 Phat for a few days and the exploit success rate and stability on my console is much lower than what shown in those videos on youtube (like modded warfare's 7.02 stability test video). So here's my setup: PS4 Phat console (CUH1115A) with...
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