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    DS #1093: Touch the Dead (USA)

    Any settings to get this to work on the SC lite or do we have to pin our hopes on a firmware update?
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    Gaming Any great 3d platformers?

    is rayman really any good? I tried it (although very briefly) and didn't like the look of it. Let's hope it has a better ending than rayman on the wii!
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    Gaming Any great 3d platformers?

    I finally got round to beating Mario 64 DS and had a great time, but now I want some more 3d platform action on my DS. Can anyone recommend any other 3d platformers? I can't think of any decent ones off the top of my head...
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    Gaming Castlevania Portrait of Ruin

    Try downloading the patcher and firmware again. The SC team released a buggy version then replaced it with a fixed version without changing the version number. I had the same problem and this fixed it.
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    Try redownloading and installing the SC patcher and firmware - there was a save bug in the last release that has been fixed (though the version number was not changed). See the supercard website for info
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    Aha - thanks - that fixed my Akumajou Dracula issues! Let's hope it does the trick with FFIII!
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    In fact if you follow the advice in this thread you can really reduce the slowdown on GBA Yoshi's Island. After I patched it it runs almost perfectly on the supercard lite and slightly less perfectly (but still a lot better) on the SC miniSD. I...
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    Genesis games

    Inspired by RAneo's thread, I'd like to hear recommendations of great megadrive/genesis games. The genesis emulator for the PSP seems to work a lot better than the SNES one so I'm playing Genesis at the moment. I'm loving reliving Another World at the moment, but have nearly finished it, so do...
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    Hacking Fixing/reducing GBA slowdowns

    wow july - thanks for the great advice! I was able to get yoshi's island running PERFECTLY at last! I had to use pfpatch and can only save with QPC method, but thats no problem. Thanks again
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    Hacking microSD speed/brand unimportant?

    It sounds like ANY brand and speed of microSD card is fine for the SC lite, because of the improvements made to the supercard - is this correct? Specifically, I don't need to worry about the make and speed of the microSD card the way I did when I bought the miniSD - they all work fine and pass...
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    Hacking Homebrew PSP advice

    Sweet. Thanks for the quick answers! I'll check those links. One more clarification: to downgrade from 2.6 to 1.5 firmware is it no longer necessary to use the GTA game? Thanks again!
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    Hacking Homebrew PSP advice

    Hi all, I've got a lovely ds lite and am very happy with running homebrew and backup roms on it, but my wife wants to get a PSP. I've done a bit of reading around, but wanted to ask the gang here to clarify a few points for me. We would like to 1) watch movies 2) play emulated snes/nes etc...
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    Hacking Top 3 Favorite DS games?

    Tough to choose just three, but at the mo it'd be 1) Advance wars 2) Mario Kart 3) Castlevania
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    Hacking Going to Beijing for a Month...

    This is an old topic, but I'm in Beijing this week, and wanted to try and pick up a supercard micro-sd or something similar. Does the OP or anyone else have any recommendations?
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    Hacking How do you rip saves from original DS games?

    Can I just get some clarification too? I've been playing castlevania on the original ds card, but now I have SC+superkey I want to play it from my supercard but using the save from the original card. If I've understood correctly, I need to 1) put catlevania cart in ds slot 2) put rein or e-tool...
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    about the games lister on the front page

    Apologies for asking a blatantly newbie question, but I can't work out what the story is with the ROMs listed on the front page. I'm not interested in downloading them but just curious. Are they GBA and DS ROMS that someone has extracted (dumped?) from the original game card, and then made...
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    Hacking MiniSD Cards

    But after shipping (to the US) it actually works out slightly cheaper to buy them separately from (ridata 1GB mini SD card) and, so if you are in the US that may be a better option.
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    Hacking MiniSD Cards

    I've come to the same purchasing conclusion as you, but I found slightly cheaper prices if you order from these US websites: Supercard miniSD - $55 RITEK 1GB MiniSD Flash Media Model MSDCR1G- SILV - $28 These prices include shipping (which may be faster than from...
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