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    Gaming Win 7 Installation Unsuccessful!!!!!!

    wow 43 installs .. i got windows 7, and leopard on my PC and i installed windows 7 on a old pentium 4 running well.
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    Gaming Windows 7 Install Problem

    my nVidia Geforce FX5200 can run aero getting a 3.0 gaming and 2.1 for aero.
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    Hacking Rockband 1 Drums Don't Work

    I just got rockband yesterday, and after putting it all together i thought it was broken since the led lights up and not any of the controller leds. aka not syncing. Any idea how i can fix this. I got cioscorp v2, softchip r99, neogamma's loader with 002 fix, and backup launcher gamma 002 fix. i...
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    Hacking cios 36 & 38

    so how should i install it the latest cios36 and cios38 and then cioscorp or the other way around. because i'm installing it on 4.1U with the cioscorp from the MiiWii package which worked on 4.0U. Like i remember back then i used to install the Softmii v2.0 and then the usb loader when it first...
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    Hacking cIOSCORP and Gamecube Backups?

    cioscorp only allows loading from backups in the disc channel. while the custom mios allows loading of gamecube backups on the disc channel.
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    Hacking cios 36 & 38

    My question is what are cios 36 and cios 38 for. And which one would affect cioscorp. Also on the cios38 rev12 had this on the changelog: "Microphone support! No need to purchase the WiiSpeak microphone!" does that mean my logitech vantage microphone could work with the features the wii speak has?
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    Hacking Error 001. & 002 in Disc Channel

    so there's no point what soever with loading games from the disc channel? I was looking into MenuPatcher 1.1 would that be a better patch to use to run the backups?
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    Hacking Error 001. & 002 in Disc Channel

    Ever since i installed the USB Loader 1.5 with the cios 36 i've been having problems with launching games in the Disc Channel. So what i did is i tried to reinstall the Firmware by using Any Region Changer and then follow the steps on the Softmii V2.01 guide. I installed preloader 0.29...
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    Hacking HELP......New with Wii

    what he could do is just install the softmii pack i never had the softmii pack before i just added it on recently and i never had a problem playing the game @ all.
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    Hacking Wii Downgrading

    I am considering on buying a Wii now is it possible if i could downgrade the firmware and what would i use since i was trying the downgrading using the ios16.wad and then the cios_fix.wad then the ios downgrader and the cios downgrader and it seems to give me an error when trying to downgrade...
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    Hacking Need For Speed Undercover

    ohh yea i've gotten that this afternon while playing in a cop car chase started loading a second later.
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    Hacking Wii 3.4

    Well i'm kinda a newb still in the community but i am wondering how would i got from installing wads on the wii. THe wii i have right now is on Firmware 3.4U but i wanna install wads it has the homebrew channel installed anybody care to pass a video or guide to how to do it because i heard it...
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    Hardware Wii Fit

    I am wondering if it is possible to get a backup if wii fit and able to play it without the balance board The only reason is because of the little running feature in wii fit might help because i don't have a treadmill Like does Wii Fit require the board to just run?
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    Hardware Anyone using a USB hub ?

    well i use my wii with my dell multimedia keyboard which has a integreated usb hub and i tried a usb hub from linksys it works fine.
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    Hacking Installing different firmware on different region wii

    so it is possible so all i do is i run any region changer in the homebrew channel? and btw the wii is semi bricked since running rockband on ntsc-u and the wii and ntsc-j.
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    Hacking Installing different firmware on different region wii

    I am wondering if it is possible to change the regiion of my friends japanese wii into a north american wii from ntsc-j to ntsc-u Please Help and Thanks In Advance
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    Hacking [TUT] How-to install Starfall (With Pictures and download!)

    yay just installed it works perfectly fine Didn't install the Health Warning & Didn't install the Main Menu BGM activation I like the health warning and the background music being there anyways.♦
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    Hacking Starfall & Bricking

    what do these really mean * Remove rescue-menu diagnostic disc check
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    Hacking Starfall & Bricking

    I've been seeing many posts about people getting their wii's bricked. I currently have a NTSC-U Wii with the 3.2U firmware using Backup Loader with the 002 Error Fix I load my games from Rebooting With Hooks From the Backup Loader into the Disc Channel I have the homebrew channel With a Software...
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    Hacking Animal Crossing

    = I was wondering if we are using Wii Gators Gamma v0.3 Backup Loader will the game still patch my wii or not I currently have firmware 3.2U and i was wondering if we are using software modification using the loaders will the games still be able to update the wii firmware? My wii is a NTSC...
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