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    Hacking Switchroot Android 10 Q Guide

    Going to ask a very noob question here because I don't want to screw anything up I have an SD with atmosphere CFW that I boot to via Hekate. I've backed up my NAND via Hekate. I've backed up the contents of my SD card to my PC (the partition that windows recognizes at least). So if I follow the...
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    Homebrew Discussion Post homebrew ideas, suggestions, requests here

    So I know there's a streaming option for PCs with Nvidia cards. Now that AMD have updated AMD Link any chance of someone making a switch-compatible AMD streaming option?
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    Homebrew RELEASE TriPlayer - A feature-rich audio player for Nintendo Switch

    Does this run on 12.0.0? I've updated my firmware and I've got the latest atmosphere, hekate etc. All my other homebrew is working fine but every time I try to run Triplayer I'm getting a crash "The software was closed because an error occurred." and I'm not sure what is causing it. Edit: Sorry...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Switch Remote Play - Stream your PC to your Switch

    Just want to say shout out for making this, was playing some Spelunky 2 and it was pretty much flawless. But anything more CPU intensive is just too much for my rig and it's crappy old processor. Waiting on those AMD GPU encoders, hope you keep this project going!
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