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  1. Boreas3

    Tutorial Updating from B9S to Fastboot3DS

    Hi, thanks for your tutorial. :) I just have one question: Can we go back to B9S safely? Thanks in advance for any response! Never mind, I've answer to the question myself. You can Indeed do it :)
  2. Boreas3

    Hardware I've got Menuhax running now, but I was using a 4gb microsd.

    you will keep menuhax if you'll copy all the content of the old sd card into the new sd card :-) I'll do that when I have changed the sd card and menuhax wasn't erased :-)
  3. Boreas3

    Homebrew [Release] SocketPunch - FBI network CIA installer for Android & PC

    Good work! Thank you very much :D:D
  4. Boreas3

    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] More-or-less Catch-All Tutorial

    Hello, I've a little stupid question: Can I use oothax to go into rxtool with CtrBootManager? Thanks you for your future answer :-)
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