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    Hacking Who here is still on 10.3? Why?

    I happily downgraded a spare O3DS. But my New 3DS has everything I legally purchased and whatnot on it. I'm not going to risk that by downgrading. I'll just stick with the O3DS for GBA games (Since AGB_FIRM is available, I may as well.)
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    Homebrew Clarification Thread - What is going on?

    People should know by now not to ask for ETAs. The real answer: When it's ready.
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    Gaming TurboGrafx-16 VC games finally coming to North America?

    Most of those you list are either third party (lol Square-Enix for the FF and Dragon Quest/Warrior games and Konami being helpful in any capacity. Wario Blast was a Bomberman game. Guess who owns Hudson-Soft? Konami.), require external hardware (Kirby Tilt 'N' Tumble. And Nintendo and HAL won't...
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