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  1. Annieone23

    Moderator Moderation!

    Hi all! I am a HUGE GBATemp fan. I may not post much, but I lurk like crazy. On here every day, reading all the threads, for years now. Hope I don't offend anyone (too much) by posting this but... the moderator Guild McCommunist is a troll with a capital T. People are entitled to their opinion...
  2. Annieone23

    Animal Crossing possibly a launch title for Korean 3DS release?

    News comes to us from an official Nintendo of Korea Press Release announcing the date, pricing, and launch line up for the Korean 3DS. The wording is a little bit odd due to using Google Translate but if someone who speaks Korean would like to elaborate, be my guest! Highlights from the Press...
  3. Annieone23

    CiTRUS releases Hello World POC! First 3DS homebrew!

    Source: This is awesome! :yay: Welcome to the birth of the 3DS scene. You knowing, barring this being complete bull**** as some people are already claiming :P EDIT: Also I know the 3DS Hacking forum here already has a topic on this, but my news is in...
  4. Annieone23

    Hacking EZFlash 3-1 Not recognizing save files!

    Hi, I have had my CycloDS Evo for a longggg time now and while I see they have some problems with DSi support and the such, I have always been very happy with the support they used to offer on the Evo and its features. I have also had a 3-1 for just as long and LOVE playing GBA games. Although...
  5. Annieone23

    Lulzsec To Come Out of Isolation

    Lulszec, the in-it-for-the-laughs band of internet terrors, have come briefly out of seclusion to promise the reveal of a new mayhem causing event! There is a catch though! Pastebin, the popular text sharing site used by Lulzsec to anonymously spread their release notes, must get 75,000...
  6. Annieone23

    RE:Revelations aspires to be really pretty!

    Resident Evil Revelations developer, Masachika Kawata, claims that this game will be one of the most impressive looking 3DS games in 2012. By focusing on old school RE game mechanics of a small number of enemies in confined, dark, and atmospheric quarters they can focus more fully on amazing...
  7. Annieone23

    Gaming 3DS Browsing Tempers!

    Just finished downloading the new 3DS update and the first thing I did is head over to GBAtemp from my nifty new browser! This post was made entirely from my 3DS! I'm curious to see how many Tempers we can get posting in here from their 3DS's too. Feel free to post observations, reviews, tips...
  8. Annieone23

    Hacking Crediar Meets Resistance

    Here is Crediar's most recent tweet regarding the 3DS and its protection: As many know Crediar was an influential and key figure within the Wii scene, including Team Twiizers, with his most recent accomplishments being the 3DS Savefile extracter and the amazing proof-of-concept (but hardly...
  9. Annieone23

    Hacking HBC wont load apps over USB

    i turned on my wii for the first time in a few weeks, and now all of a sudden the hbc wont load apps off of the external hdd usb. i had my wii on and working perfectly as recently as when super mario galaxy 2 came out, and i havent updated anything since then and im really perplexed as to why...
  10. Annieone23

    PS1/2 PS2 Network Loading Help

    I need assistance setting up my Open PS2 Loader .7 with my network to play games. I opened up port 445 in windows firewall, and i set OPL to my computer's IP address. OPL always hangs on the number 1 in the countdown. I believe my folder is set up correctly, and has the proper sharing settings...
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