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    joycons wont work

    Hi, i have recently setup a second sd card for atmosphere 13.1.0 emu and everything is great, when i put in my first sd back into the switch and boot into sxos 10.2.0 emu for some reason my joycons wont work when not connected to the switch its as though they are not paired, but they work great...
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    I'm struggling, since the end of sxos I have no way of playing new .xci, goldleaf won't play them tinfoil won't work because nut gives me an error, is there a way, please help.
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    Nut.exe error

    I am trying to use tinfoil so I can install .xci games and play via atmosphere but nut.exe keeps saying could not load keys .text all crypto operations will fail. Help
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    updating atmoshere

    Im trying to update atmosphere to the newest version, ive put the new atmosphere and hekate on my sd card, i enter cfw through my sxos dongle but when i try to launch atmosphere with daybreak it says outdated atmosphere version, daybreak requires atmosphere 0.14.0 or later, can someone help please.
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    Homebrew Question Sx os to atmosphere

    Hi, I've been using sxos and now have to go over to atmosphere, I've kept my old sd card with sxos 10.2.0 separate and purchased a second sd card for atmosphere, on the new card I've created sxos emunand 5.0.1 as this is what my ofw is, this was done so I could use the sx dongle to run...
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    Hardware Fat32

    Hi, I have a 128gb sd card but can't for the life of me find a formatting app that will allow me to format to fat32, I've googled and downloaded a fair few that say they do but no joy, can anyone help me out please.
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    Hacking black screen cfw

    Hi, ive just updated my emunand to 9.2.0 sx os v2.9.3 and now when i try cfw the screen just stays black, i can boot to sxos option page and ofw 5.1.0 but not cfw, please help.
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    Hacking How to update, now team xecuter site banned

    As the title says, is there anywhere else, don't want to pay for vpn for just this ?.
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    Hacking Renew emunand

    Hi, I have been having trouble for months now with my game card slot not working in custom firmware, it works fine in official firmware,I'm using sx pro and have come to the conclusion it's a corrupt emunand, my emunand is on my sd card would it be as easy as deleting my emunand from the sd card...
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    Hacking Cant use game cart in cfw

    As above game carts work in ofw 5 but throw an error in cfw 5 and emunand 6.2 updated everything from team xecuters website today 2.5.2 and still no joy, even tried another sd card no joy, help.
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    Hacking 2002-0001 error

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with one game backup super mario odyssey it gives error code 2002-0001, also so does the game cartridge, in fact so do all my cartridges, I'm running 2.5.1 beta, im using 6.2 emunand but it's also the same when I turn off emunand and run 5.1, now if I boot into ofw 5.1...
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    Gaming Game updates after 6.2 firmware update

    Hi all, first post, after updating emunand to 6.2 a few games are asking for updates to be able to play them, I don't want to take switch out of airplane mode in case I get a ban so how do I get game updates ?, I've searched the web but can't find any, could anyone point me in the right direction.
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