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  1. DidierSardine

    Homebrew What is the simplest way to display a static image on the bottom screen of the 3DS ?

    I'm totally new to C++, C, etc... and i learn by experimenting things, and i want to create a basic homebrew on the 3ds (without any knowledge), so i tried a few things (button inputs, printf(), i created a simple homebrew that tell what button you pressed, etc...) just simple things, and it...
  2. DidierSardine

    Hacking My 3DS keep saying that there's an update, but there isn't one !

    So i have a big problem with my New Nintendo 3DS XL (11.14.0-46E on Luma3DS v10.2.1 3GX Loader Edition), my 3DS keep saying that there's a system update, but i already have the latest firmware update ! (11.14 at this time), and when i try to "update" it, the 3ds show me an error and reboot (it...
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