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    Hacking ezflash4 + superkey

    hi, today i got a superkey. i updated the ez4 (not ez4l) with the ez4-loader160619. when i start the ndsl i get the health screen warning, after that the upper display shows the superkey-logo and the lower display shows a white screen?? does that mean i have a superkey version which won´t work...
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    Hacking nds lite flashme question...

    hi, me and my mate got nds lite´s today ( ) and both already have ezflash4´s (mini sd) we used with the gba micro. 1. first (and most important) question: do we need a no-pass-device to 'flashme' our nds´s? i don´t understand why it didn´t manage it to flash my nds with the 'flashme.bin' --...
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