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  1. Kadaz83

    Hacking 3ds Gateway wont load Problem..Please Help..

    i just try to install newest gateway 4.2 beta firmware..hoping to install A9LH. using the pdf as o3ds 4.5 firmware..i've update the device to 10.3.0-28..when it restart..the problem start..i can't seems to load gateway from profile id again..and when i try to use alternate way using...
  2. Kadaz83

    Hacking Default Looking for 4.5 Firware CIA FIles..( I'm a Noob )

    Hi, Im looking for 4.5 Firware ( US Version ) CIA files since we cant download it anymore from 3dnus ( nintendo remove all old firmware )..just wondering if someone here have the files..or where to look for..I Really Really need it... I dunno if this is the right section to ask for CIA Files...
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