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    Hardware What typically fails in a Wii U gamepad?

    So assuming the Wii U gamepad isn't physically smashed or dropped in water, what usually fails? I see lots of Wii Us for sale with broken gamepads, so there must be a common problem with them.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Case in point: My friend's 3DS's R button stopped working, so I said I'd order a replacement L + R and fix it. After putting it back together and it was all done, I noticed the new button was quieter than the old one. So I figured I'd open it up again and change the L button too, so the...

    Hardware Old 3DS Kiosk/Demo Model

    Old 3DS - model CTR-001(-04)(USA). Funny thing is that this site: Lists: CTR-001(-04) (region code) Kiosk 3DS unit (only 'EUR' has been spotted) but this one is USA. It will only function when plugged in. Any fix for this? Found this thread but it...
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