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    Hacking Using ida pro with debugger on the PS4?

    I was trying to patch some online only games to prevent the psn checks. I have been studying the disasm of the 1.04 bridge crew non-vr update trying to get it working offline. I used my retail disc to decrypt the 1.04 update. I was looking where it calls sceCommonDialog and sceErrorDialog and...
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    Hacking ps4ren + HEN v2.1.1 payloads causes non-functional home button

    I am having a weird issue. I am running HEN 2.1.1 and then PS4REN payloads and it cause the pshome button not to function on the ps4 controller immediately after activating the PS4REN payload. I can login over remote play and the ps home is also broken remotely. Does anyone else have this issue...
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    Hacking Rebuilt Application fpkgs appear in the Games section

    I was having an issue with some fpkg applications and home brew appearing in the games section of the PS4. Does anyone know how to rebuild these with whatever flags needed to appear in the Application section of the PS4?
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