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    Gaming looking for someone to flash a 360

    Found someone that would do it for around the $45 mark previously, so looking for an offer in that ball park (cheaper the better; more expensive, probably pass). It's a brand new console, would like to have someone pro enough to keep the warranty sticker in tact, but if thats not possible then...
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    Hacking Quick question

    Hey guys, been out of the game for a while and a friend wants their Wii modded... I was thinking the wiikey 2 for them (its going to be either a D2A or D2B they got it well over a year ago)... My problem is some of my games are NTSC and their Wii hasn't been updated since day one (they have...
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    Hacking Acekard 2 in stock at DX

    At the price they're going, probably won't be too long before they are sold out.
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    Few questions bout thailand (going for a hol)

    Next week i'll be going to thailand for a holiday and while over there i would like to pick up a few random things, so to anyone on the forums thats been (or even better lives there) i was wondering where your recommendations are to get the cheapest (yet still good quality): 1. clothes 2. shoes...
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    Hacking Where to buy the R4?

    I know GBATemp is affiliated with Game Yeah, and i have checked their price and they are great! but i was wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper offer going around? I also remember browsing some site a few weeks ago, which sticks at in my mind as a great deal but i can't for the life of me find...
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    Hacking this could be the biggest noob question

    Planning on getting an R4DS, because well, it doesn't actually look like the Cyclo DS will EVER hit the online aussie stores! Anyway, i was wondering if the R4's worked on BOTH the normal ds AND the slim ds. I looked for an answer and couldn't find it. I know its probably a stupid question., but...
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    Gaming super smash bros brawl website going to update!

    The 7 days are up and the site is due to make an announcement some time today! I wonder what it'll be lets hope its a release date, at the very least!
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    Gaming spiderman 3 usa (ntsc) out now too

    Here is the an extract from the nfo ▀■ ■ Spiderman_3_USA_Wii Date: ........[ 2007-05-04 ] Files: ....[ vortex-s3.rar] Platform: ... [ Wii ] Packed: ........[ 89x50MB ] Origin: ..... [ NTSC/USA ] Source: .........[...
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    Best Freeware Newsreader?

    I assume a lot of members here are familiar with usenet so i was wondering what would be the best freeware newsreader (or if i must, the cheapest good piece of newsreader software). Essentially i don't really care about the interface but the following features are handy: - Download management...
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    Hacking GC freezing problem?

    Everytime i play Mario Superstar Baseball after the replays (homeruns etc) the whole game freezes and i have to reset the console. Tried both the native pal title and the foreign ntsc title (via gcos) and still get the same error everytime! I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this...
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    does anyone in australia

    Lookin for plastic sleeves like the picture below, you can find these overseas and they are in fact very handy ways to minimise your dvd collection... if you think you know this type of product you would also know they are pretty durable and feel quite thick and strong (well for plastic anyway)...
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    Hacking undersized gc images

    So i got a few gamecube images (genuinely for backup purposes!) but they are undersized; i.e. for the wii to read them they must be exactly 1.35 gigs, however the image is actually only 139 meg (yes, this is the FULL size and it is not corrupt)! Does anyone know how to "unshrink" the image...
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    Hacking What media works for backups?

    I haven't got a chip yet but have already started backing up my own games and burning them in preparation for the mod chip (my bros are a pain in the ass and usually use discs as frisbees so this is a necessity for me). Anyway, i've been backing them up to official Taiyo Yuden DVD+R's, now i...
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    does anyone have a blackcats-games invite?

    Just after an invite to, not sure if we can post these requests here but i seen one for demonoid on the page and figured it was ok... if not, im totally sorry. by the way, i can trade for a demonoid or diwana invite, pm me if you're interested! regards
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