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    Looking to make some new friends!

    Hello everyone! I want to make this short and sweet. I'm looking for some more MMORPG friends and would like to get out there anywhere I can make some new friendly team members. If you play any of these and want to have another friend to play with, let me know and lets get playing!! :lol...
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    Work from home

    Hello everybody, I've been in the job hunting scene for two months now after being layed off from my previous employer and i'm fed up with my towns extremely low job openings, and now I've decided to check out this work from home mess and want to ask the question "Is there really such a thing as...
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    The Agony of waiting for Persona 5

    I know i'm not the only one here excited to play Persona 5 WHENEVER it decides to show its awesome face, the waiting is killing me on the inside lol.
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    City of Heroes

    Does anyone still play City of Heroes or Villans?? and if so are you gonna buy the Going Rogue expansion?
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    Gaming A Fair Deal??

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to sell my 6 month old Xbox 360 pro with a 60GB HD, all cables, still under warranty with no problems, 1 wireless controller, 1 game and the Official Microsoft Racing Wheel w/ pedals (only used 3 times) for $250. Does everyone think that's a fair deal, or should i...
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    Gaming Wii Shop Channel

    Has anyone tried updating there soft-mod system from 4.2 to 4.3 with the new hackmii and opened there wii shop channel. I would like to use the 2000 points i had left and I don't wanna jump the gun and turn my system into a useless paperweight. I've read the guides and they all say it's ok, but...
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    Ipod Touch with IOS4

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some peoples opinions and experiences. Ever since I've updated my Ipod Touch 2nd Gen to IOS4, i've been having random problems that restoring, power cycling and reinstalling apps have not fixed. Apps stop working, music will only shuffle for some reason and my...
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    Newbie (Sorta)

    Hello everyone, i'm so behind the times lol, i've been a GBAtemp follower for more than 4 years now and just now thought it would be smart to make an account and actually start posting things. Just wanted to say hi and greet all the newbs and veterans here on this fantastic site, i also want to...
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