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  1. Caim

    Paprium : a great beat-them up is going Kickstarter

    Hi there, For those who never heard of the game, Paprium a beat them up developped by Watermelon game for the SEGA Genesis in a cyberpunk world. The game is very charming, has astonishing pixel art graphism and is really fluid on a retail genesis, clearly my new reference on Genesis. This game...
  2. Caim

    Hacking Delete update cache ?

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to install Smash 4 back on my Wii U and to restore my gamesave but it went wrong somewhere. When I installed the game, I did a software update before I put the save back and now I get an error while uploading. I read on the internet that some of the lasts updates...
  3. Caim

    Hacking Titles and theme totally dispeared

    Hi everyone, I got a very bad suprise when I turned my 3ds on this morning : all my titles and even my theme was gone. The only things that are still here are the original 3ds apps, no luma updater nor FBI nor Homebrew Channel anymore. When I tried to check on the 3DS app manager under Settings...
  4. Caim

    Hacking Injecting GBA saves into GBAvc

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Wii U and saw that there are some old GBA titles available on the eshop. I own the two Golden Sun games on GBA and spent a very very long time on them and in order to avoid loosing my saves I dumped them using a 3DS linker soft. So my question is : is there...
  5. Caim

    Hacking YsMenu on R4 SDHC?

    Hello there, I bought a r4 sdhc a few months ago and I would like playing gba games. I have an EZ-Flash 3 in 1 and I heard that the only way to play gba games on r4 is to use YsMenu. I searched on the web but couldn't even find a single clue about how to make ysmenu run on r4 sdhc. If someone...
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