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    Hardware Wii screen does not fit the TV screen size

    So I have my wii hooked up via HDMI to my Westinghouse 43" 4K TV. I have the internal wii settings on 480p and 16:9. For some reason, the wii screen does not fit the tv screen. There are thin black bars on both the sides of the TV screen and the top and bottom. I have tried messing with the...
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    Hardware Convert controller to wii remote

    Hi! Was wondering if there was some sort of adapter that could allow a controller to be used on the Wii that is registered as a wii remote. I know there are such devices, but they always convert the controllers to a classic or gamecube controller and not a wii remote. Is there some sort of...
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    Hardware Device to trick Wii

    Hello. Sorry for the confusing title but I didnt know how to word it. Basically, I am looking for some sort of device that tricks the wii into pairing with a controller and it will believe that controller to be a Wii remote. Kind of like that Mayflash adapter except the controllers that get...
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