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  1. badnat

    Hardware 3DS XL's circle pad is a bit... rough

    I just bought an XL (yesterday) and seem to have gotten a good unit... but for the fact that the circle pad feels a little rough. Like there's too much friction I'm working against. Whereas my old 3DS's pad was smooth. It's not a huge problem, just slightly annoying, as I feel I don't get a...
  2. badnat

    Hacking Why aren't there more undubs?

    An error-free (I hope) undub of The Last Story was a huge pain to find and that's one of the most recent Wii games... Can't find anything besides a long dead torrent of Trauma Team. Not the remotest forum post on a Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces undub to be found. Etc... Why are undubs so...
  3. badnat

    Gaming Why might a game just stop working?

    Tetris DS used to run fine for me (the marathon music is patched) but now I just get a white screen when I try loading it. I deleted the saved game on the off-chance that might help and it didn't. Nothing about my DS(i XL) has changed since it stopped working... I guess I'll try adding it to the...
  4. badnat

    Gaming Jam With the Band - LF ocarina and other fitting songs

    The Zelda medley is cool too... so what are some good songs that really sound great and are fun to play? The large majority of those I've tried sound like crap. edit: Apparently that wasn't clear enough... I'm looking for songs with an ocarina melody, or otherwise just songs that sound...
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