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    Hardware Unlock Start Screen unresponsive after 1st boot/standby

    I have a Vita 1000 with CFW3.60 and recently the Vita started to have a problem in the start/lock Menu. It get unresponsive screen after start the console (boot or stand-by) and only when it goes again to stand-by I wake-up again the vita and the screen start working again without problem...
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    Hardware Help to fix a DualShock 4 (DS4) that shuts down randomly

    I have 2 DS4 and one is working OK and the other one it shuts off by itself randomly. So I could be playing at 5-15 minutes and them the controller shuts down and i can't turn on the DS4 without push the reset botton. After pressing the reset botton on the DS4 it reconects wireless with the...
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    Hardware [Help] Vita stop recognize all cards (SD2VITA & Original)

    My vita have the enso 3.60 installed, and last night I tried to add a game and update the plugins. In the midle I saw an APP in theHomebrew launcher about being a new driver for the SD2Vita, and after installed that it asked to format the cards, that I refused, and now I cant acess to none of...
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    Hacking Vita Throphy remove warning without losing the savegame

    Hi all! I have a vita hacked with 3.60 and in some games I get an warning for throphy's (Can earn any) and of course they have zero throphies, and others, the ones installed more recently on sd2vita have no problem. Just wanted to know if it's possible to remove the trophy warning without...
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    Hardware PS Vita 1000 PS Home/Power botton not working correctly

    Hi there, I got a used Vita that works ok until I get in a app/game. When I enter a app/game, I can't exit with PS HOME botton, so my only way to exit is to press the power botton for around 20-30 seconds and they I enter in safe mode. Already tried all option without sucess. When it's on...
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